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    to much carbonation

    Wouldn't be the first time the sugar pack was overweight. Get them cold and open over a big glass.
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    Identify this fridge

    looks like a frigidaire
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    Older brewers techniques.

    I hit 62 five years ago, retired and moved to the beach. Been brewing since 1985. Bought a gas Breweasy and made a few batches before I moved but haven't brewed since the move. Finally getting ready to get my brew room set up. I am planning to modify any process step that requires lifting...
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    Hit a snag on an unusual cyser batch...

    Did the apple juice have preservatives of any kind?
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    Bru'n Water and Wards Labs

    This may not be the right place to ask, but here goes: I'm closing on a house Friday. It has a well with somewhat elevated iron so it has a water conditioner. I am on well now with terrible water and a water conditioner so I typically purchase water for brewing. In the new house I am...
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    Kegerator build help needed - shopping list

    Maybe you will have a better experience but I will never buy a Summit product. I bought a townhouse that had a Summit dual zone refrig/freezer undercounter unit in the bar. It was a nice unit, maybe 4 years old, when it failed. I looked up the unit and the best replacement price was about...
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    Fermentation chamber/yeast pitching

    seal it, transport and then oxygenate it before pitching
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    Smoking for first time..Questions-advice

    I have the 22" WSM and prefer using it with no water in the water pan. I have several different smokers and just don't feel water in the pan keeps the meat moist. It does act as a heat sink and helps stabilize the smoker, which is a good thing if you are new at smoking. You will learn how to...
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    rust marks in the cooler suggest the hose air dried in a puddle of liquid. I would have used it but I'm thrifty.
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    grain storage containers

    A baker told me to put bay leaves in with stored flour or grains to keep weevils away. Not sure if it works but I haven't had a weevil problem since I started following his advice.
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    Yeast starters, pitch rates, confusion

    I'm no expert, but when I started brewing some 25 years ago we had dried yeast packs or a jar scooped from a commercial brewery fermentation vessel and not much else. The jar always worked better(primarily speed) because of the larger volume. For me, fermentation temp has the most impact on...
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    Icebox style kegerator and fermentation chamber build

    Yea, I think you mentioned you have a girlfriend--gets more difficult when you have a full time wife! I put up a pole barn for doing all of my projects. Still thinking about moving my bed out there. The one on the left looks good to me.
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    Icebox style kegerator and fermentation chamber build

    Gee, wish I could make a quality mess like that inside the house!
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    Purchasing All the Required Home Brew Components, Need Help/Judgement

    Go visit your local home brew store. Buy something there. If the store is any good you will get valuable free advice.
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    What's the difference between juice and cider?

    Thanks. Got hold of the producer and the only difference is filtering.
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    Different Rubs for Smoking Turkey

    make a mild brine using kosher salt, sea salt or any non-iodized salt. Add in a handful of raisins, maybe a cutup apple, peppercorns, thyme and maybe some rosemary. Actually, some grocery stores now stock brine kits with herbs. Soak you turkey in the brine--time depends on size of turkey. Go...
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    What's the difference between juice and cider?

    I'm new to the forum and to making cider. Done it "naturally" in the past by just letting the wild yeast do its thing but after reading through the cider threads I decided to try with some ale and wine yeasts. First batch is bottled and very dry and not much apple flavor. Three more batches...