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  1. liquiditynerd

    Tow truck drivers

    So, knowing that HBT has the answer to all things relevant and not. Does anyone drive a tow truck? Or, does anyone know if a tow truck has to report an accident? In this case a single car, group mailbox, off the side of the road with a 10 foot drop into a tree in my front yard? Just curious...
  2. liquiditynerd

    Barbera at 29 brix

    I lucked up on a free u-pick of 250 pounds of Barbera. It's a bit hot right now so I am wondering if I should water it down (Ameliorate) Picked and Crushed 10.12 sg 1.215 brix 29 ph 3.23 Lavlin Bougovin RC212 15 gallons of must and I am about to press and if I add ARU's I liked to do it...
  3. liquiditynerd

    Apple briquettes

    I know if this has come up but my southern bbq is meeting WA and ive run out of buckets so im throwing apples on them grill for smoking. Its working great and them yards clean.
  4. liquiditynerd


    I've read through a lot of posts here and seen some pretty unique projects. I thought I'd post something I just finished and something I just started. Not exactly brewing related, kinda DYI, but really just stuff that you can sit back and say " I Made This" there are some talented folks around...
  5. liquiditynerd

    GA Assembly 2013 for Brewers

    I was searching for threads and I didnt see anything in an non-exhaustive search so I want to put this up for Georgia brewers. Please make corrections, additions, replacements, or updates as neccesary. I am working out an updated letter to my representatives in regards to this years (2013)...
  6. liquiditynerd

    Oysters and Killians

    So wife aka SWMBO pulls up and asks me to unload the car. Of course, but she already knows that so I am suspicious, sneaky Swmbo has a crate of today's caught oysters fresh out the water and a twelve pack of beer. Now, that's cool but she's a non beer drinking vegan. Now that deserves props...
  7. liquiditynerd

    Organic chemistry for brewing?

    Is anyone else taking organic chemistry on coursera? There are several home brewers and wine makers taking it to aid in their understanding of brewing and I was wundering if anyone else signed up. FYI is a new online free college course site.
  8. liquiditynerd

    How much apple juice to carb 5 Gal?

    Hey brothers and sisters from another mother, Its sunday afternoon, the cider has hit 1.000000000 (ok not exactly) and I am about to bottle. This thing started out at.... crap cant find my notes. Anyway Red Star Montrachet yeast because it was a high OG. If i want this to carbonate (and I...
  9. liquiditynerd

    Apocolicious Brewing

    Alright Folks, It's Fall 2012 The harvest is coming in and the nights are getting cooler. The Harvest Moon has past and I know everyone is excited to brew. By Winter Solstice 2012...... well you get the point so lets cut to the chase. Who has a Apocolicious Brew going to celebrate the...
  10. liquiditynerd

    Blown bean brew

    Alright, I boiled some beans in about a gallon of water and thought, hmmm, carbo conversion, mash at boiling for an hour, some leftover hops..... Let's see hat happens So I popped the top on a flip top and fssssssssssss all over the kitchen. But I got it on video! How do impost the video...
  11. liquiditynerd

    fullers esb clone

    just started and i notice the recipe calls for 1/2 oz challenger @ 7.2% alpha and 1/2 oz target @ 10.7% alpha. seems a shame to bust open both for just half. next up on the hop schedule comes 1/2 oz kent golding @ 5.4% alpha and 1/2 oz northdown @5.7% alpha. I know I know, its a clone...
  12. liquiditynerd

    brewing stupidity

    K so luckily the porter is a late bloomer in the new 6.5G carboy. last time the cork blew out of the 5G, even with a blow off tube. the new headroom for the krausen is unnecessary because after 4 days. nada. but while i was out of town the temp dropped to about 53. hopefully everyone got sleepy...