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  1. Natdavis777

    Newb to Side Box Smoker

    To preface, I have a vertical gas smoker that I have dialed in to the T. Temp and smoke control is taken care of. This spring, we were in need of a new grill, and being a the same price as the other half gas half charcoal grills, I picked up and Oklahoma Joe's with a side smoke box. I have...
  2. Natdavis777

    My Progression of Homebrewing

    I started out roughly five years ago with my brother after we decided we wanted to start making our own homebrew. A lot of our friends belonged to a local brew club and one was a pro brewer, so we decided to join up. Our first setup was a stovetop 5 gal setup, all grain. Man our...
  3. Natdavis777

    All Day IPA 50% Corn?!?

    I was on my way home from work and stopped in the LQ to picked up some Mosaic Promise and All Day to sip on during the Wings game tonight. I called a buddy to invite him and we got on the topic of session IPAs. He then told me his recent trip to Michigan, he was informed by a brewer close to...
  4. Natdavis777

    Weird Allergic Reaction

    To preface, a colleague I work with is an assistant prof. at Stanford, and he recently told me he makes wine in Napa with friends. His first wine, a cab, had to have been infected. My wife wouldnt drink it, and the aroma reminded me of past lambics I have made... The taste was unpleasant. He...
  5. Natdavis777


    The best month of the year! October, fall, Halloween, and BASEBALL. Who's for who? Looks great so far. For AL, I would like to see the Royals make it to the series. Lifetime Cubbies fan here, hate all you want, but we have a solid team. I feel the series we are in now is World Series...
  6. Natdavis777

    Going to Be In Traverse City, Where to Go?

    Heading to Traverse City tomorrow for a few days. What beer should I pick up locally or places should I go? My buddy, whom is from MI is getting married, so I'm sure he knows the local cuisine. Just wanted some further input.
  7. Natdavis777

    What Movie Are You Watching?

    I just rented Wild Horses with Robert Duvall and James Franco. Looked good. I like to rent/watch movies Ive never seen or havent made the main steam. Or even if they have, I didnt get a chance to see them. Im a night owl, so what are you watching now, and how did you like it?
  8. Natdavis777

    FFF for trade

    C'mon now. I can get a hold of some good bombers and a few sixers here and there. Picking up some GBH Monday. Looking for Pliney, but Ill take most of what I cannot get here.
  9. Natdavis777

    Lots of Bud on 1st Year

    Planted Cascade/Centennial/Nugget for the first time this year and the 2 Cs took off. Cascade is the dominant one. It has 3 vines around 9' long with many buds. My question is, will these 1st year hops have any decent lupulin in them? I didnt expect anything 1st year, but since I will...
  10. Natdavis777

    Competition Bummed

    Just got my sheets back from the recent Brewer's Cup here in Indy. My DIPA ended up with an overall score of 40 (high of 42) and didnt place. My cream ale last year placed the same way (overall 40). While I appreciate the feedback more than winning, Ive been at this hobby now for a few years...
  11. Natdavis777

    Vacuum sealing hops

    I know people do it, but I just started since I recently have been buying hops in bulk. I got a FoodSaver portable vacuum and 18 ziplock-style bags that are reusable, all for under 30$. I can fit 1lb in a quart-sized bag. Really a good investment if you plan to bulk purchase hops. Anyways...
  12. Natdavis777

    WTT: Johnson 419 for Blichmann Beer Gun

    I have a 419 I am not using and am looking to trade for a Blichmann Beer Gun
  13. Natdavis777

    Hop Extract Calculation

    I recently purchased some hop extract from Yakima Valley Hops. For the price of 100g, it is definitely a steal. After drawing up my syringes, I wondered what the IBU contributions would be. I then began further research, only to find many other people had the same question. During my downtime...
  14. Natdavis777

    Ferm Chamber Took a 2nd Sh*t

    My fermentation chamber has finally bit it. To start, I first bought this upright freezer over a year ago at a used appliance store. Got a great deal, and it was in great condition. Worked well using a Johnson single stage controller. Once winter hit though, I needed a heat source, as...
  15. Natdavis777

    Way Overcarbed

    Kegged a hefe the other day and put it on the gas (30psi) yesterday around 0730. I typically carb for 24hrs at this psi and get good results, adjusting time per style. Figured I would shut the gas off this AM when I left for work. Well.... I forgot. Didnt think about it until 1800 today and...
  16. Natdavis777

    My first Lambic

    Kegged my first Lambic. Brewed 10 gal last year and pitched each 5gal with Belgian Lambic Blend and Brett Lambicus... After 6 months, one got a few lbs of blackberry, the other with a few lbs of raspberry. I then brew up a 100% lacto brevis beer, let it ferment out (OG 1045, FG 1014), blended...
  17. Natdavis777

    BrewStand Complete!

    Got everything finalized today. Pumps hard wired, BoilCoil installed, 240v outlet w/30a breaker put in the garage, etc.
  18. Natdavis777

    Converted All-Electric w/ BoilCoil

    Finally got my stand finished and pumps hard wired, and the 15gal BoilCoil install. Pretty pumped to use this!
  19. Natdavis777

    Social Media...

    To preface, Im young. Im 28, very soon to be 29. I get social media. I was in college when Facebook first appeared. But I think things have spiraled out of control. When FB first emerged, it was mainly to connect with other college friends, and then expanded to accessibility for anyone to...
  20. Natdavis777

    Is My Lacto Brevis Dead?

    Have some fruit lambics that taste pretty good, but I was wanting some more sourness, so I figured I would blend them with a 100% lacto brevis beer. Just whipped up 5 gal last Tues with DME, boiled, no hops, chilled to 95F, transferred to the carboy, and pitched the bugs (vial had been sitting...