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    Yeast Harvested from Blowoff?

    I used a blowoff tube for my latest batch (it was a pitcher with sanitizer in it). After pouring out the sanitizer, there appears to be some really good yeast in the pitcher, and it smells bready (like yeast). Should I save this and try to make a starter out of it? I figure its kinda like top...
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    Remove grommet on autosiphon?

    I snapped the curved section of the inner tube of my autosiphon. I have a replacement from an old siphon and would like to remove the bottom grommet on the the broken siphon and put it on the old siphon so I don't have to buy a whole new autosiphon. Has anyone done this? It looks like it...
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    Quick Ferm Chamber Question

    So I just moved from my keezer to a new kegerator and want to use my keezer as a ferm chamber. It already has an analog Johnson temp controller hooked up to it, so what I wanted to know is during the hot summer months (it sits in the garage), can I just use the keezer/ferm chamber to keep my...
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    IPA brewers, do you harvest yeast?

    I only brew IPAs, and some of them are pretty big. I have been harvesting yeast from my batches, but I am thinking I may have reached the end. My yeast is starting to have off smells and off flavors in my beers. I hate this because I like to harvest yeast, but it seems like there is an end of...
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    How do you mount your manifold in fridge kegerator?

    I just bought a distributor manifold and need to install it inside my refrigerator kegerator. Not sure I am comfortable drilling it into the inside of the fridge. How do you guys mount yours?
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    Just snagged Kegerator, advice?

    So I just snagged this off Craigslist: First I will likely have to take it apart and clean it (looks like it is pretty dusty/dirty), but mostly I am wondering if there is anything else I should be doing other than replace the lines, and...
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    Final Gravity Issues

    So I have been brewing for a few years, and have had this issue from time to time. Today is a good example of it. I brewed an AG DF 60 clone using the recipe I found here (its awesome BTW, as I have brewed it like 4 times now). I hit my pre-boil gravity dead on, though my pre-boil volume...
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    Forgot a grain addition - Thoughts?

    So I just brewed this recipe: But for some reason did not include the Crystal 10! The sample tasted fine, but I woke up this morning after brewing it yesterday and realized...
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    2 Row vs Pislner malt?

    I brew mostly IPAs, and use 2 Row more than anything as my base malt. I understand that lots of brewers also use Pilsner malt as their primary base malts. Can any of you tell me what your thoughts are on using Pilsner over 2 Row? I brewed an IPA yesterday using 2 Row and plan to brew the...
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    I live in the desert southwest, and one thing we have to battle with is ants. I brew in my garage and work hard to keep everything clean, but the last two batches I have made, where I Put the fermentor in the garage on the garage floor, have been found by ants. None of them have gotten into...
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    Made a yeast starter but couldnt brew today

    What should I do with the starter? Just refrigerate and jar it for another day?
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    Yeast Starter-Step Up Question

    So I have a washed yeast starter on the stir plate right now that has a mild krausen on the top. i want to chill it, decant, and step it up for a brew this weekend. When should I do that? Should I wait for the krausen to drop, or just wait 24-36 hours, chill, decant and step up? I normally...
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    How best to dry hop large amounts of hops?

    I have an IPA in the fermentor right now that calls for 5 ounces of dry hopping when fermentation is completed. I generally move my beer from a primary to a secondary 5 gallon glass carboy (so I can free up the fermentor for other brews). I have a dry hopping "tube" that I use for up to a...
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    Does this look strange?

    I just checked on my newly brewed IPA from yesterday (pilsner malt, and a bit of Munich II and Wheat malt), and it looks a bit weird to me. I pitched some yeast that I had stepped up to a larger starter over a few days (it was fermenting with a nice krausen when I pitched it and it smelled...
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    Nothing like going to the keezer for one last pint at the end of the day to find that your picnic tap somehow got popped into the open (like full open) position and pumped the best keg of IPA you have ever brewed into the bottom of your keezer.:eek: I am not going to lie to you guys. I...
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    Can I put a ball valve on this pot?

    I am looking into getting a pot at a reasonable price to do 10 gallon batches. I found this one locally that I can get but not sure if I can put a ball valve on it. Any thoughts?
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    Need some LM317 Stir Plate Help!

    I built my stir plate using the old pot/power switch, but the fan was too fast and was throwing my stir bar. I found some information on how to wire up the stir plate with a LM317 regulator circuit. I wired it up as I thought it was supposed to go, and while I get power, I get no spinning of...
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    Alright Geniuses! Need some Recipe Conversion Help!

    I went to Portland earlier this year and by far my fav IPA was from Gigantic Brewing (which had the ironically smallest tap room BTW). Here is their recipe: Gigantic IPA Recipe 16 Plato 7.3% ABV Lots ‘o IBUs For 1bbl/31 Gallons Malt 59lbs Great Western NW Pale 4lbs Weyermann...
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    Should I raise the Ferm temp?

    I have been fermenting a 1.055 beer for about 9 days now and since it has been cool in my garage, the fermentation temp has been about 159-162 during that time. My question is should I bring the fermentor inside to let it come up to 68ish to finish everything off or just leave it as is? I have...
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    Harvested/Cleaned Yeast Bombs?

    Just checked some of the mason jars with yeast I harvested and washed, and when I opened one jar it nearly exploded! I opened the others I had which had lesser amounts of CO2 but still had some. I opened the lids a bit to allow CO2 out. Is that normal? Seems a little crazy to have these...