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    North Carolina Jaded cyclone counterflow chillers

    Two jaded cyclone tube in shell chillers for sale. One has cam lock fittings, the other plain tube ends. Used these in tandem for a year and a half with my 3bbl brewhouse, I’ve gone over to a plate chiller now but these worked great for a long time and thousands of gallons of beer. $100 shipped...
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    North Carolina JaDeD Hydra immersion chiller

    One of the best wort chillers out there, cools five or ten gallon batches down to pitching temps in super fast times and cleans off super easily. $120 shipped in the lower 48
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    North Carolina 7 gal SSBrewtech BME Conical and FTSS2

    Up for sale is a 7 gallon conical Brewmaster Edition conical, with the leg extensions, wheels and FTSS2 heating and cooling system. I used this as a home brewer but since going pro it hasn’t been used once. Check out the pics, feel free to ask any questions etc. The heating mat is included, not...
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    North Carolina Single tap towers

    Got two of these which came with a kegerator which are surplus to requirements Single tap stainless tower, faucet, tap handle and beverage line connecting tube. These have a hard stainless tube which connects from the back of the shank down to a standard beer nut sized fitting below the...
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    North Carolina Two center inlet SS chugger pumps FS

    Selling two center inlet stainless head chugger pumps. Both with a standard 1/2" camlock fitting on the inlet Both in good condition, no modifications to the cord etc. $120 each shipped
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    Finally gone all electric

    New house new brewing setup. Every time I move I overhaul my brewing rig, largely pushing out previous choices made in the name of budget economy and going for the setup I really want one step at a time. This most recent move I made the full leap into 100% electric brewing. I've been on a...
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    Sanity check - element voltage switch

    Folks I've got a 240v 4500w element in my RIMS tube. This is great for bringing my mash liquor up to temperature nice and quickly, however it makes for far too much fluctuation when it's just being used to control mash temp (using an Auber EZBoil in mash mode or autotuned PIDs) I'd like to...
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    North Carolina Blichmann Floor Burner

    Up for sale is a blichmann floor burner. Probably the best burner you can buy, high output, quiet and efficient. Selling as I'm going all electric $90 picked up in the Raleigh NC area
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    North Carolina FastFerment, BrewJackets, Blichmann Burner for sale

    Evening all I've got a few things up for sale First is a FastFerment 7 gallon conical fermenter, with two collection balls and the carrying strap. I may have the bimetallic thermometer somewhere but I replaced the thermowell with a stainless one last year some time. I think I also have a spare...
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    North Carolina Cereal Killer grain mill

    I'm selling a gently used cereal killer grain mill $70 shipped in the lower 48 I'll post a picture later tonight, but it's in fine shape
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    North Carolina Kegerator kit and CO2 tank

    Up for sale is a faucet tower, faucet, drip tray and sanke D coupler. Complete setup to turn a fridge into a kegerator. Just add a fridge, CO2 tank and regulator and a keg and you're in business. I've installed some nice replacement beer line, about fourteen feet of 3/16 line. Buy the whole...
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    1/4HP Aquarium chiller for conicals - will I regret it?

    Long time no post it seems. I've been doing a lot of research to improve my cold side processes and yesterday finally pulled the trigger on a 7 gal Brewmaster Chronical and am now trying to figure out my cooling situation. Living in North Carolina and brewing in the garage means that my...
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    First electric brew day

    Sunday marked my first real brew on my newly revamped system. I'm cheating slightly as I still use propane for boiling, as I have a blichmann burner which works wonderfully so I see no real reason to change. The heart of the new setup is a 12" RIMS tube from Brewhardware, which has a 4500W...
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    10-4 SOOW or SJOOW

    I'm looking for 25-30 feet of 10-4 SJOOW or SOOW cable. Don't need any connectors or anything like that, just bare cable. For reference, 25ft of SOOW from Amazon can be had for less than 40$ so sensible offers if anyone has anything for sale please
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    Blichmann burner extension legs

    Get a set of lightly used extension legs for a blichmann floor burner up for sale. Im building a brew stand right now so am switching back to the regular size legs. The long ones got used for maybe a dozen brews. $35 shipped in the lower 48
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    I've got a 6 gallon Vintage Shop PET carboy and a 5 gallon Better Bottle going spare. Looking for $10 for each of them. Could probably ship but local pickup preferred
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    North Carolina Black Box Brew temp controller

    HI folks Up for sale is a Black Box Brew ( programmable fermentation temperature controller. I bought this a while ago and used it a lot for fermenting with carboys in a fridge, however I'm moving over to conicals with Brewjackets due to space constraints so I don't...
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    Brewhardware kettle sight glass

    Up for sale is a weldless sight glass for a straight sided kettle from Brew Hardware. I had this installed on my old kettle, my new one has internal etchings so this is redundant now. I've also got the clip on heat shield. $35 shipped CONUS
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    Cary NC Free Lucky Buddha bottles

    I've got about 40 lucky Buddha bottles looking for a good home. Green glass but a unique and awesome design. These were given to me a few months ago by a friend from Michigan but a pending move means I'm clearing out
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    Perlick 525 and 575 FS

    Up for sale are two Perlick faucets, a 525 and a 575. Both in good working order, $75 shipped in the lower 48