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    ISO Huna FT List

    Willing to expand trade, and go over $4$ with some of these(obviously) East End BA Gratitude(2015) Troegs BBA Flying Mouflan Wicked weed genesis, bretticent, black angel, oblivion Russian River consecration, supplication, temptation, sanctification Crooked stave progenitor(and the noir...
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    ISO J Wakefield Berliners

    FT Wicked weed and other sours. Hit me up if you have some you'll part with I'm sure we can work it out I have a few hundred bottles of funky beers in the basement.
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    FT Nugget Nectar, ISO Elevated IPA, Alpine, Toppling Goliath, Sip of Sunshine

    Always willing to expand trade but I'm looking to send some Nugget Nectar for the fresh hoppy beers listed.
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    FT: Jackie O's release

    ISO other limited release sours, especially Oregon Heading to Athens with the wife today to get my number for the release tomorrow. Not sure how much in the way of extras I will have, but I'll definitely be trading some away.
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    re-yeast when fruiting?

    Last Thursday I fruited some 18 month old lambic inspired beer I pulled from a barrel. I have yet to see any activity(airlock or visual) of fermentation. AFAIK traditional lambic breweries do not reyeast when fruiting, but they are adding fruit directly into a barrel with a cake at the...
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    FT 1 each of Sonoma pride, helltown kriek

    ISO degarde Berliners, upright fantasia, block 15 sours, and generally other sour/funky beers Can do multiples of the helltown kriek(being released Saturday at 30 bucks a 750)and add other things from the cellar depending on what you have.
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    ISO Side Project and Perennial-brewery only

    Particularly interested in Savant Blanc FT: Cellar PM me if you have any and what styles you are into and I'll send you a list.
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    Belgian Bottles, corked and caged vs capped

    I keg a lot, but am beginning to realize that a lot of high CO2 volumes bottling is in my future, between saisons, trappists, and of course sours(barrels among other stuff). I'm getting a pallet of belgian weight 750's but am having a hard time finding bulk cork and cage suppliers. So a...
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    FT 2012 Congac BA DL

    ISO Sours in general just ask. specifically looking for DDG, Armand Seasons, Beat, FFAC Other whales or the right Multiples get the trade done
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    Racking out of a barrel, pump reccomendations or other techniques

    What do you guys use to rack out of a full size barrel? Thanks.
  11. X is down :(

    haven't used mrmalty in a long time, and it's horrible compared to yeast calc, hopefully they get their URL back soon.
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    ISO Beatification

    FT 2012 Dark Lord, other limited release stuff from my cellar. If you have some up for trade drop me a line with the styles you are interested in and I can get back to you with some comparable stuff that I have.
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    I get to brew for my wedding!

    Expecting ~75 attendees. I've got 6 months to brew, I'm thinking I'll need 8 kegs. 2 for welcome reception 1 for rehearsal dinner 5 for reception I'm pretty pumped, it's going to be a lot of fun. Ive read some threads about this, but if anyone who has done this has any...
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    ISO Funkwerks Saison and Tropic King

    Let me know what styles you are in to and I can let you know what matches from my area or cellar.
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    Most AIPA's = Columbus bombs

    I make a ton of hop forward beers and since I started brewing, purchase way less of them. Well, went to a beer festival the other weekend(brewzilla) good times, and some nice beers, but it dawned on least half and probably much more of the IPA's American breweries are making are...
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    Any of the "intellectual property hops" have a bad harvest?

    Anyone know if any of the patent hops(simcoe, citra, mosaic, amarillo, ect.) had a bad harvest this year? The amarillo flooding last year certainly caused some issues.
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    The single best beer bar in your state?

    You have to pick just one... Thought this may be a cool reference thread for travel, beyond interesting discussion. West Virginia Apothecary Ale House, Morgantown Not great in the grand scheme, but best for the state(that has the worst distribution in the country).
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    "Beer Geeks" who don't brew

    I don't understand them...
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    Share water profiles you have dialed in.

    What are the water profiles you no longer change for a given style. I'm only about 10 batches into building my own water and am surprised to see how many different opinions there is for ion levels for each style.
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    Craigslist score

    2 20 aluminum tanks and a regulator for 85 bucks. I should have given up on 5 pound tanks long ago. I'm always jealous of the scores on here, glad one finally fell into my lap.