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    New York City 2014 NHC First Round

    Hey guys, Anyone happen to know if they normally post the results online for this? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I've been trying to find out and have kind of been knocked around from website to website. The comp was over the weekend and ended Saturday, I believe. Thanks!
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    Wild Yeast and phenolic off-flavors...

    I've brewed over 50 batches of beer now, and entered about 12 or so in various competitions over the last couple of years. Several of these beers have had comments suggesting a medicinal, smoky, phenolic off-flavor and aroma, which I can detect as well. Some of these beers never had the water...
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    English Crystal malt I & II

    Hey guys and gals, I was going to brew a recipe I found online, but it calls for English Crystal Malt I and II... no Lovibond listed. Anyone happen to know the L rating for these? Thanks.
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    Beer temperature when bottling

    Bear with me if this seems confusing... I think maybe I've been overthinking the whole aspect of beer temperature when bottling, and the effect it has on carbonation. I just bottled my first lager (a Schwarzbier) that I had fermented at 50 F, raised to 64 F or so for a brief diacetyl rest...
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    Stupid question re: chest freezer and temp control

    Just bought a chest freezer that I plan on using for fermentation once my Johnson digital temp controller arrives. Stupid question: do you set the freezer control to off, low, medium... or does it matter once the temp controller is plugged in?
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    Digital temperature controller AND chest freezers

    I'm looking into purchasing a chest freezer to use as a fermentation chamber, along with a digital temperature controller. Regarding the temp. controller, anybody out there have one in particular they can recommend? And when using a chest freezer for this purpose, is there anything I have...
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    Homebrewing a Belgian Witbier

    Planning on doing a Wit tomorrow... just had a question regarding the addition of the coriander, citrus zest, and chamomile that the recipe calls for. It mentions to add all three 5 minutes before the end of boil. Obviously, the crushed coriander just goes right in, but I've read differing...
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    Yeast starter gravity problems

    Ok, can someone help me with this... I've been making yeast starters for my last 8 batches of beer. I've been following the procedure correctly, from what I can tell: - 1 g DME per 10 mL water, boiled, cooled, pitched into sanitized glass container with smacked and inflated yeast pack, swirl...
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    When adding sugar to the fermenter...

    Just planning on doing my first AG batch soon, a Tripel that has 2.5 lbs of regular cane sugar. I was going to add it when fermentation started to slow. My question is, what's the best way to do this? I know it needs to be boiled in water, but are we talking about just enough water to...
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    Mash tun tubing to kettle?

    Ok, so I'm about to start AG brewing... build my mash tun from a 48-quart cooler, doesn't seem to be leaking. Looks ok for now. HOWEVER, I'm having trouble deciding what to use for the tubing from the mash tun to the kettle. I'm obviously looking for something that is flexible and can take...
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    Is it possible for a cooler to be TOO big as a mash tun?

    Been trying to assemble a mash tun out of a cooler, your standard SS braid set-up. One of the coolers I've seen is the Coleman XTreme 70 quart... now, I know this is a huge cooler. The dimensions are roughly 24" long x 10" wide, 12" high. Would this be too big when you're looking at a...
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    Yeast starter gravity reading

    I feel like I should be past any yeast starter questions, but I've read often that a yeast starter should be down to about 1.010 gravity-wise when the yeast has finished its work. I've done 5 batches with liquid yeast, always using a starter based on recommended pitching rates. For...
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    Potential Immersion Chiller Problem

    I recently ordered my first immersion chiller from Amazon: Now, I'm not sure if I have a problem here or not, but the chiller that I received does not have both ends meeting together above the coils, like in the picture on...
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    Best recipe calculator?

    Anyone have a preference? I've tried TastyBrew's and the Beer Recipator's... both have slightly varied results, of course. Does anyone have one online they really like? Or, a preference b/w the purchased-versions of BeerSmith or ProMash?
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    What to look for in immersion wort chillers

    I guess the subject says it all. I'm thinking of either ordering one with a 10-gallon pot, or trying to make my own immersion chiller. One I've seen that seems reasonably prices is 25-feet of 3/8" copper-tubing... but is this 'good' enough? Should I be looking for something more, or other...
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    Hefeweizen high FG

    Just bottled a hefeweizen beer that consisted of 6.6 lbs Wheat DME, 1 oz Hallertau hops, and Wyeast 3068. OG was 1.062, about what had been predicted. I had built a 3 L starter for the yeast (production date was in September, so while this seems like a large starter, I think mrmalty recommended...
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    How much Crystal is too much?

    Planning on brewing an American Amber Ale recipe soon... it calls for 6.6. lbs Pale LME, 2 lbs Crystal 60, and a few hop additions that I don't remember exactly... I think it works out to an IBU of 40-50. That's a little over 23% of the malt sugar coming from the Crystal 60. Do you think that...
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    Substitute for Crystal 15 L

    I was planning on making a recipe for an ESB from Jamil's book, where he uses 0.5 lbs Crystal 15 L and 0.25 lbs Crystal 120 L for steeping grains. Problem is, I don't have access to any Crystal other than 60 and 120, as well as Carapils (which is 10 L, I think). Should I just use the Carapils...
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    Reusing bottles

    As long as they appear ok, are all non-screwtop bottles ok to reuse continuously for homebrewing? I've read the odd thing stating that a lot of bottles are meant for one-time-use only, and if reused for higher-carbonated beers, such as hefeweizens, may grow weaker and be more prone to explode.
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    Long active ale fermentation

    One week ago I started my second brew, a hefeweizen. It's an extract brew that came out with an OG of 1.062, which is almost spot-on to what the calculators had come up with previously. I had made a 3 L starter of Wyeast 3056... I know this seems a little high for that OG, but the production...