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  1. PurpleJeepXJ

    Ferment didn't start

    Wait a week. Then you can start worrying.
  2. PurpleJeepXJ

    Just finished my first brew

    Remember that once you bottle you will have to wait a week or two for carbonation...
  3. PurpleJeepXJ

    Pressure limit of mason jars?

    I actually have tested this!! I tried to use a mason jar as an inline hop infuser on my draught system. The ring would stay on the jar and not blow off, but I was not able to get the glass over about 3 or 4 psi. Now I was using quart jars which could have been the problem. You may be able to use...
  4. PurpleJeepXJ

    Is 9 lbs DME too much for 5 gal batch?

    Seems a little light to me. As best I can remember back to the extract days, for IIPAs I typically used 2#/gal. That's per expected post boil volume gallons.
  5. PurpleJeepXJ

    First time with home brewing and stout

    Best advice I wish someone had told me when I started is to take notes. Keep a pad of paper and a pen on hand and make notes on every step of the process. Temperatures, volumes, and rogue ideas can drastically change the exact same recipe from batch to batch. Your notes will help you understand...
  6. PurpleJeepXJ

    Dry hopping

  7. PurpleJeepXJ

    First brew missed fg

    Quit checking it and let it ride.
  8. PurpleJeepXJ

    NEWBIE - Please Help Me Get Started!

    Start with extract/steeping methods
  9. PurpleJeepXJ

    Can I try a bottled beer after four days?

    You can try it right after capping if you want...
  10. PurpleJeepXJ

    1st 3 Gallon Batch

    Just use the entire pack
  11. PurpleJeepXJ

    Checking gravity during Primary Fermentation

    If it is done fermenting then yes of course it is accurate. But doesn't the OP say during fermentation? I may be wrong.
  12. PurpleJeepXJ

    Checking gravity during Primary Fermentation

    It is constantly making new CO2...
  13. PurpleJeepXJ

    Checking gravity during Primary Fermentation

    It is by all means possible to pull a reading but all readings from the fermenter will be off if using a hydrometer. The CO2 released by the yeast will screw with the readings. Only way to get a true reading from an active fermentation is to draw a sample and cold crash the yeast. Pour off the...
  14. PurpleJeepXJ

    Done fermenting already!!!???

    Remember to check your temperatures before even thinking of taking the airlock off. Cooler temps will cause fermentation to slow or stop.
  15. PurpleJeepXJ

    About to start my 2nd brew

    Smack packs are good for a couple days after smacking. Proper pitching temps are crucial but also keep in mind proper fermenting temps. Most starting brewers don't properly regulate the temps of their beer while fermenting.
  16. PurpleJeepXJ


    No rinse sanitizer may kill the yeast since you had such a large amount but you will only know once you let them sit and you open one up.
  17. PurpleJeepXJ

    Do you add fruit zest to primary or secondary?

    Primary. I add mine to the boil at flame out.
  18. PurpleJeepXJ

    Significant color change during secondary fermentation?

    You will never make great beer if you drink your beer once it becomes 'drinkable'. Most beer need to age awhile. But we all asked less informed questions, not dumb, just less informed when we first started.
  19. PurpleJeepXJ

    Need Options, Please

    could be a capping issue if you are positive you added enough sugar. Besides yeast, the bottling and capping is the only other variable.