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  1. SpikeBrewing

    New Fermenter Lid from Spike!

    Potentially down the road!
  2. SpikeBrewing

    New Fermenter Lid from Spike!

    New product alert! Lately we've seen quite a few conical setups that could use a couple additional lid ports. So we did something about that; we're excited to announce our new 3 port fermenter lid! The new 3 port lid will fit onto any existing Spike Flex or CF fermenter and will come standard...
  3. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Cyber Monday Sale Announcement - Save 20%!

    Once a year we do a Cyber Monday sale where we discount on of our major products. Two years ago it was kettles, last year it was the Flex and this year it's our Solo! This has been one of our most popular new products to date and we're extremely excited that we're able to offer this product at a...
  4. SpikeBrewing

    SPIKE Bargain Cave updated - Save up to 20%

    Still looking to make upgrades to your brewing setup, but find yourself working with a smaller budget these days? Our production team just loaded up our Bargain Cave with some great deals—make sure you check it out before they are gone. Click the link below to see what we added...
  5. SpikeBrewing

    Introducing… the Spike FLEX!

    The Flex is targeted to a different market. If you're looking to dump/harvest yeast the CF series has all those features. The Flex (especially the Flex+) has all the capability as the CF series minus the bottom dump for about half the price.
  6. SpikeBrewing

    New and improved 2” sight glass

    We're in final development but should be in 2mo or so.
  7. SpikeBrewing

    New and improved 2” sight glass

    Yes, it's currently in the works!
  8. SpikeBrewing

    New and improved 2” sight glass

    The Spike engineers have answered your concerns on the 2” Sight Glass and redesigned it for your ease of use. With only 5 pieces in the assembly, this modular design can be used to improve your brew day however you see fit! Purchase here: https://spikebrewing.link/sight-glass
  9. SpikeBrewing

    Introducing… the Spike FLEX!

    We’re bringing you small batch fermenting to another level. The Flex will open doors to quality, flexibility and functionality you can’t find anywhere else. With all sanitary welded, 1.5” tri-clamp fittings and over 20 a-la-carte accessories available, you’ll be able to control temps, carbonate...
  10. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Spring Cleaning! Up to 25% Off! Kettles, Conicals and Systems!

    It's Spring cleaning here at Spike. That means we are unloading a bunch of products that didn't make it past our QC team and that are overstock. First, we have scratch and dent kettles, conicals and systems available. These have issues like a cosmetic scratch, faded logo, floor model, etc...
  11. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Brewing: v4 Kettles!

    The next generation of Spike kettles are here. Introducing our v4 kettles! Including front to back handles, a rolled lip and rivot-less handles. Our kettles are now NSF listed as well! The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) mark is your assurance that our product has been tested by one of the...
  12. SpikeBrewing

    Now Available: The CF30 Conical Unitank!

    We completed the conical family with our 1bbl all sanitary welded TC conical unitank. Ferment, brite and temperature control! Start shopping with the link below! Learn more about the CF30 here: https://spikebrewing.link/cf30conical
  13. SpikeBrewing

    The Bargain Cave is live!

    The Bargain Cave is full! Some of our products couldn’t pass the high standards our QC team expects from our products – so we’ve discounted them in the Bargain Cave! Don’t delay on these kettles, conicals and systems – they go fast! Start Shopping: https://spikebrewing.com/collections/bargain-cave
  14. SpikeBrewing

    Now Available: The Spike+ System!

    It’s here. The Spike+ System! With all 1.5 tri-clamp fittings, a PID controlled brewing panel and all the accessories in one system, you're all set to elevate your brew day. Start brewing like the pros do! Learn more through the link below. Learn more...
  15. SpikeBrewing


    Our perfectionist QC team has marked the kettles, conicals and systems that didn’t meet their strict standards and put them in the Bargain Cave. Don’t delay, these items will go fast! Start Shopping: https://spikebrewing.com/collections/bargain-cave
  16. SpikeBrewing

    **New Product** Spike Carb Stone

    Take a look at our knowledge base article HERE. During our testing we were actually unable to find an actual .5 or even 2 micron stone.
  17. SpikeBrewing

    Introducing the Spike+ Kettle line!

    You asked. We listened. Introducing our new Spike+ kettle line! The Spike+ line uses only sanitary TIG welded (done at our facility in Milwaukee) 1.5” tri-clamp ports. TC fittings are simpler to assemble, the most sanitary connection style and are super easy to clean. Plus+, we have an entire...
  18. SpikeBrewing

    HUGE Spike Brewing Spring Cleaning SALE!!

    We're having a huge Spring cleaning sale! Our QC team performs 100% inspection on all kettles and conicals that go out the door. This paired with their strict quality standards means that not every unit makes it out the door. However that creates an opportunity to pick up cosmetically flawed...
  19. SpikeBrewing

    TC100 Back in Stock!!

    Our TC-100 Temp Control Systems are back in stock! The extremely high order volume cleared our shelves within days of launching but no worries, we're stocked back up! Follow the link below to pick up a TC-100 today! www.SpikeBrewing.com/TC100