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  1. PurpleJeepXJ

    What's this? Infection?

    It is an infection of some sorts. Make a hole in it without stirring it up and then siphon from well beneath the infected area.
  2. PurpleJeepXJ

    Dry yeast rehydration - stir plate to free my hands - good idea??

    I frequently use the stir plate to get my dry yeast started. Typically I start dry yeast 4-12 hrs before brew time. I do not see an issue with your method as it is very similar to mine.
  3. PurpleJeepXJ

    Commercial Beer Yeast Harvest List

    I recently made a hefeweizen with it and it seems to be the primary yeast strain.
  4. PurpleJeepXJ

    What is Pacman supposed to taste like?

    I could understand old yeast or an infection from the yeast itself but my equipment is all stainless except for my mash paddle and various gaskets. Gaskets have been replaced and mash paddle is pre boil.
  5. PurpleJeepXJ

    What is Pacman supposed to taste like?

    Well I know it is not an infection because I have had 4 good beers in between the two pacman cases... The only comon denominator is the yeast and 2 row malt. It has been wyeast packs and I know one of them came from AHS but I forget where the first one came from. I doubt an infection could...
  6. PurpleJeepXJ

    What is Pacman supposed to taste like?

    So I have used Pacman in two different brews, both american pale ales of different recipes. The first came out tasting very sour and kinda like spoiled milk. This led me to think it was a lactose infection. I sanitized with bleach, then acid, then cleaned with PBW, then sanitized with starsan. I...
  7. PurpleJeepXJ

    Mini fridge wont get cold enough

    Does your mini fridge have a freezer portion? If not, then you probably will never reach below 35-38.
  8. PurpleJeepXJ

    What size Erlenmeyer?

    You will need several. I have a 150ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, and a 5L. I harvest yeast so I have t step up starter cultures. I would suggest a 1L, 2L, and a 5L. Make sure you get different stir bars and that you have a good stir plate that can actually turn 5L of water.
  9. PurpleJeepXJ

    Dead yeast

    I absolutely get a kick out of how Revy posts the same thing at least 5x per week.
  10. PurpleJeepXJ

    Harsh smell coming out of blowoff tube

    You know CO2 is heavier than air... This is how people suffocate. I wouldn't stick you head down in your chest freezer any more and take deep breaths. Oh and about the smell it sounds like either you are using a new piece of plastic or rubber somewhere in the fermentation process or you are...
  11. PurpleJeepXJ

    Is my beer contaminated?

    Pellet hops look like that if they are not filtered out.
  12. PurpleJeepXJ

    Is my beer contaminated?

    +1 to Revvy. Hops and krausen. Possibly some floaters of protein globs too.
  13. PurpleJeepXJ

    Off the charts O.G cyser

    How big of a starter did you make? The question isn't if the yeast can ferment the gravity down... it is how stressed will the yeast get and then from there whether or not that stress will add off flavours or ultimately kill the yeast.
  14. PurpleJeepXJ

    boiling beer after yeast is pitched?

    Well the healthy yeast will then take over for the yeast you killed and instead of going to sleep they will continue to eat sugars and since they are strained they will produce off flavours. I am still unsure of exactly what you want to do and why? So you want a low abv big beer? I don't think...
  15. PurpleJeepXJ

    Commercial Beer Yeast Harvest List

    You are correct. My original statement on that was off and It must have been a drinking night because I have no Idea where that info came from... Well one Idea but other stuff comes out of it too.:tank:
  16. PurpleJeepXJ

    boiling beer after yeast is pitched?

    Why pitch yeast at all then?
  17. PurpleJeepXJ

    Huge Yeast Starters

    Typo... think 1.5L
  18. PurpleJeepXJ

    Is one degree too high ok?

    Nope throw it out it is the end of the world. RDWHAHB