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  1. braukorps

    Wine making club - Questions for legal purposes

    I am looking to start a wine making club in my area, hosted at my homebrew shop. I didn't know how it had to be constructed and legal - if it had to be similar to the standards for homebrew clubs? Any help, links, and tips are appreciated!
  2. braukorps

    Strawberry Rhubarb attempt - HELP!

    I am planning to make a strawberry rhubarb wine and beer. I ca find strawberry puree easily enough, but not rhubarb. I can find extract flavoring, and a concentrated fruit wine base from LD Carlson. I would prefer to have real puree, and not something mixed with corn syrup. Anyone know where I...
  3. braukorps

    North Carolina Jacksonville and surrounding areas

    Anyone out in this part of the state? There has to be with the home brew stores in the surrounding area. The facebook group for the Jacksonville home brewers looks to be abandoned.