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  1. tbel

    Temp Controlled Refrigerator question.

    I was going to suggest a light bulb also. Try turning on the light in your oven. That little bulb (usually around 40w) will heat up the oven over 100*. A paint can heater is in escence an can of some sort over a light bulb connected to a controller. The can create a thermal mass and blocks the...
  2. tbel

    Digital Thermometer

    Here's a link to one of the threads I was talking about for protecting it. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f11/remote-probe-thermometer-wort-proofing-26905/
  3. tbel

    Digital Thermometer

    As for a replacement probe as mentioned above, I wasn't able to find one. If anyone know of a source I'd love to hear it.
  4. tbel

    Digital Thermometer

    I have that exact same one. Actually on the second. Returned the first. Submersing it would definitely be a problem. Even without submersing it, the probe will go bad after just a few uses unless you make an attempt to protect it. If you search the site you'll find instructions on how to do...
  5. tbel

    Brew Pot?

    It might be help full to the OP if you would state why. What exactly do you not like? Where do they fall short? There are definitely strong opinions on both side of that argument but stating emphatically how you "feel" lends no measurable information on which we can learn and make a decision...
  6. tbel

    Brew Pot?

    I see no reason to avoid aluminum. Certainly SS will last longer but the aluminum should last many years. If you want to add a valve you could try this. I can't vouch for it personally but it's got good reviews. I just bought a 40qt pot that I may just order one for. If you need a step drill...
  7. tbel

    Copper oil line--reuse/

  8. tbel

    Wort Chillers and Sanitation

    Here's an article in Brew Your Own that I saw on another thread recently. Certainly the whole article is worth reading but at the very least scroll down to the part where it talks about copper.
  9. tbel

    Wort Chillers and Sanitation

    If you are talking about one that was just made, put it in boiling water for a while. I guarantee you'll see a lot of stuff floating in the water afterward. I do that and wash it with a mild soap and a sponge or dish rag. Don't use anything abrasive. After that on brewing day rinse it off and...
  10. tbel

    Burner on a Trex Deck?

    Well, there's always reason to worry when using open flame. However i wouldn't hesitate to brew on my composite deck. I wouldn't worry about the heat. I use a grill with in 6" of my rail and have never had any issues. Although, a boil over would probably leave a nasty stain.
  11. tbel

    Made myself an Immersion chiller

    You could get something like this and recirculate the water from a sink filled with ice water. I would think 2.5 gal would cool fairly quickly.
  12. tbel

    Made myself an Immersion chiller

    Went to Lowe's and picked up 20' of 3/8" copper tube, some clamps, tubing and one hose end adaptor. It took some effort but I bent it by hand. Tried it for the first time tonight. I had 4.5 gallons in the pot at a rolling boil. It cooled to 62 degrees in just over 16 minutes.:ban::mug:
  13. tbel

    Anyone know the size of True Brew Spigot Bottling?

    The spigot that is :p
  14. tbel

    Aluminum Pot/oxidation layer is myth?

    Well, I just so happened to have picked up a copy of "How To Brew" today and this is exactly right. Appendix G talks about "Brewing metallurgy" and Aluminum is the first metal discussed:mug:.