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  1. dlaflamm

    New Hampshire Blichmann Burner Leg Extensions

    $30 Pick up only for now (03304) If they are not sold by January 2016, I'll ship at your cost. PM me if interested.
  2. dlaflamm

    New Hampshire Son of Fermentation Chiller

    I used this slightly unfinished Son of Fermentation Chiller for a couple batches and it worked really well. I'm sure it will work even better finished! I have (included) the dowels and molding needed to finish it - easy enough. I have a Chronical with FTSs now, so just don't need this. See...
  3. dlaflamm

    New Hampshire (NH) Blichmann and other equipment

    Blichmann TopTier Burner Leg Extensions $30 Everything else that I had listed has been sold. PM if interested. Located about 5 minutes from the intersection of 89 and 93 (Exit 1, Route 89) in New Hampshire. Sold as-is. Cash only. Will not ship. At least not yet. :) Also...
  4. dlaflamm

    Cooler MLT or second burner/pot for first AG brew?

    So, I've been brewing extract on and off for about 15 years and have been much more active in 2013. I recently found a deal on Craigslist that I couldn't pass up -- $1500+ worth of equipment for $250. Seriously, I looked up the prices for everything new and it was over $1500. My "problem" is...
  5. dlaflamm

    Will 30L Speidel fit in Son of Fermentation Chiller?

    Will the 30L Speidel fit in Son of Fermentation Chiller? Is anyone using a 30L Speidel in a SOFC? With the Speidel airlock? Just the inside dimensions of the SOFC would be enough for me to figure it out you have a SOFC but not a Speidel. I tried a few searches with no success. Someone must...
  6. dlaflamm

    Will this setup work for my brew Sunday?

    Thank for whatever advice you can share. Still doing extract only, sometimes with specialty grains. Bought some new equipment recently: 10 gal boilermaker Therminator Thrumometer March 815-PL pump I will break in this equipment tomorrow and I am seeking last minute advice on whether...