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  1. shafferpilot

    lookie what I made today...

    oops, yeah, they're right. holes on the bottom only is preferrable. I thought you just had it sitting upside down in the pic.
  2. shafferpilot

    holy hops!!

    my hops orders from them have always been generous too
  3. shafferpilot

    lookie what I made today...

    I know it's hard to believe after drilling hundreds of holes... but you def need more. Go at it with fresh hands and a fresh bit tomorrow and make that puppy look like swiss cheese. BTW, the holes can be a bit bigger than that too. Otherwise, looks good.
  4. shafferpilot

    Midwest = Winning

    Hmmm. I had a botched order last week too, that I'm happy to say is being remedied quickly and very much so to my satisfaction... I hope the "new guy" over there is learning his lessons ;)
  5. shafferpilot

    Brewpub brewing techniques

    Not assuming, just pulling from personal experience. Brewpubs who are shortcutting the setup cost, generally shortcut everything resulting in a lower quality product.
  6. shafferpilot

    After 17 days in secindary

    gravity reading? bubbles mean nothing, airlock activity means nothing; steady hydro reading.... priceless!
  7. shafferpilot

    Contaminated...but with what? And can I do anything about it?

    Bottled water is most definitely NOT theoretically sanitized. Still, it usually won't cause a problem like this. Are you soaking the water bottles with Starsan? How about the yeast packs before cutting them open? What else is contacting your wort/beer that wasn't replaced when you threw all the...
  8. shafferpilot

    What size copper for manifold

    I use 3/8 and drilled a million holes in one side. That side faces down and it will siphon the tun just about dry. If using bigger pipe means fewer tubes or holes that are up higher, there's no advantage. If 1/2 is what fits for your tun, go for it, but don't think that sparging will go any...
  9. shafferpilot

    Carbonation in an open container

    Yes, but it would have lost the rest fairly soon
  10. shafferpilot

    Dry hop in serving keg, pellet hops in teabags?

    Meaning it tasted like ___________?
  11. shafferpilot

    Dry hop in serving keg, pellet hops in teabags?

    My trick as well. nylons are quite cheap and work well, be they do tend to "hug" the hops a bit, compacting them to some extent.
  12. shafferpilot

    Adding a single chile at bottling?

    One of my FAV's! As far as I know, it still exists.
  13. shafferpilot

    "Hop Tea" method for adding aromatics

    I have an idea. What do ya'll think: boil water, put water in a big jar, add hops, close jar and wait for it to cool. Aromatics can't get away if you let the steam condense on the inside of the jar and run back into the tea....
  14. shafferpilot

    My fryer is turning everything black

    yep, it's running rich... Tends to happen when the flame is turned down really low, but should "clean up" once you open it up.
  15. shafferpilot

    Type of glass to drink from

    love the sam adams laser etched glasses my wife got me for my birthday a couple years back. Otherwise, the collection of pints I have get a good workout. Occasionally the stein my boys got me for my wedding reception, but it holds a LOT of beer and most of what I make it way too strong.
  16. shafferpilot

    Storing wort without yeast

    Well, there is no doubt that you will know for certain if your sanitization is up to spec or not ;)
  17. shafferpilot

    wet hop beer

    i'm curious: How much weight do hops lose as they dry out? 15% 25% 50%...
  18. shafferpilot

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2011?

    10 gallons DLB Light Lager 25268 + 10 = 25278
  19. shafferpilot

    Too much evaporation

    I find that this impacts boil off more than anything! If I brew in the garage on a calm evening, I have to crank the heat and boil for a little while before the first hop addition. If it's a windy afternoon, I have to keep the heat low and still end up having to top off. Your brew is gonna be...