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  1. beermanpete

    Key Keg - Are they any good?

    I just stumbled across the KeyKeg: https://www.keykeg.com/en/home I saw some threads about them and see that they have been around a while. Are these kegs any good? Can the outer container be reused by installing a new liner? Are they available in the U.S.? Thanks.
  2. beermanpete

    S.S. Fermentor Question

    I am considering getting a stainless steel fermentor but don't want a conical. Is there anyone making a flat bottomed SS fermentor that is essentially the same size as the ubiquitous plastic buckets? I could use a large stock pot but the lid won't have any latches to keep it from dislodging...
  3. beermanpete

    Yeast Starter on a Stir Plate Questions

    I am using a stir plate for the first time for making a yeast starter and have a few questions about the process: 1) How long should I let it ferment before taking it off the stir plate and chillling it? 2) How much head space should I leave in the Erlenmeyer flask? 3) How fast should I run the...
  4. beermanpete

    Cooling Tower Build

    I am building a cooling tower for use with my wort heat exchanger. Here are a few photos mid-build.
  5. beermanpete

    BioFine Clear, Yeast and Bottle Conditioning

    I am planning to use BioFine Clear as a fining agent and would like some input about its affect on yeast as related to bottle conditioning. Will there be enough yeast remaing in suspension to succesfully bottle condition the beer? If I need to pitch new yeast how much should I use? Will adding...
  6. beermanpete

    New Brew System

    Hi, I finally have my new brew system toghether and ready to brew. This is a single tier system with a pump, plate and frame heat exchanger, and a wort strainer (on the right). First brew next weekend.