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  1. kartracer2

    Are you supposed to see bubbles during carbonation process?

    @bcross Welcome! Something I do when I bottle is I use a few .5L soda (pop) bottles. As the beer conditions the bottle will get more firm. Feel a new bottle of soda before you open the next one to get an idea of the "firm" feeling. When the plastic bottles get "tight" put ONE in the fridge...
  2. kartracer2

    How crazy is homebrew for our wedding (experienced mead/wine/cider)

    Yeah, make sure you "read the room" before jumping in for the event. I have lot's of friends that only drink beer, but beer to them is BMC brands and light beer at that. That said, I would certainly advocate giving homebrew a try for your selves, You probably have most everything needed to get...
  3. kartracer2

    Getting the right Original Gravity Extract Kit

    I posted this in another thread; Yes, 2qt/liter can make a notable difference. Cheers, :mug: Joel B. (edit, @VikeMan beat me to it, LOL)
  4. kartracer2

    Brand new brewer

    Go ahead and check your hydro with water and it should be pretty much "1.000" at a specific temp that should be stated with the hydro. (my cal temp is 68* F. or 20*C.) Then you know if there is any deviance with it. Also 2qt (1.89L.) difference from 5.0 gal to 5.50 gal (18.9L to 20.8L) can...
  5. kartracer2

    Brand new brewer

    A very common error in measuring OG when adding H2o top off water is incomplete mixing of the wort after wards. You are on the right track with doing a accurate check of the volume markings. I remarked both my fermenter and bottling bucket as they were both off, 1 1/2 to 2 quarts. (or liters...
  6. kartracer2

    Brand new brewer

    I would advise you do your first couple of batches as spec. Once every thing else works out you can fiddle with the recipe. I O.G. check each batch as a matter of habit for note taking and possible fault finding. Even though extract kits are hard to mess up with most every thing pre-measured...
  7. kartracer2

    HELP. Strange beer taste.

    The recipe reads 6.6lbs. LME, 2lbs DME. Might be old / mis-handled LME but if off flavor is in every batch it almost has to be process IMO. But I'm no expert. Have you made a batch with all or mostlyl LME? Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
  8. kartracer2

    HELP. Strange beer taste.

    Well I am sure the group can help you through this but some more info on your brewing process, (batch size,,ferment temps etc) recipes, beer styles, yeast and such. It helps if we know what you have going on. Cheers,:mug: Joel B.
  9. kartracer2

    noob thread wants to brew low alcohol brew

    Some thing not yet mentioned, Research a low attenuating yeast. Just spit-balling here. Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
  10. kartracer2

    Low OG - Trying to understand why

    @ShadyKnollBrewery Next time remember to steep your grains in just water before adding extract. The grains will absorb water and if you have extract in that water you lose a percentage of your fermentables in the wet grain. Granted it may not be a lot but no sense losing any of it. You want all...
  11. kartracer2

    Extract Kit Question - Palmer Brewing Method

    Hi all ! AS an extract brewer (+steeping grains usualy) I also run my recipies through BeerSmith 2. One thing that changes a lot is hop utilization with PLETO. (Partial boil. Late Extract addition, Top Off) Example: 3 gal boil, same hop additions at same time. (60 & 10 min). 6.5 lbs DME total...
  12. kartracer2

    Why not just start with all grain?

    Ha @pc_trott you are not foolish. It's a (stupid?) acronym I came up with. Partial boil, Late Extract addition, Top Off. We all need more an acronyms right? Cheers, :mug: Joel B. Edit, I tried to get steeping grains in there too some how but I couldn't make work. :rolleyes:
  13. kartracer2

    Why not just start with all grain?

    @TheAlien121 , I don't look at extract as just training wheels. I have no qualms that I "could" do AG, I just don't feel I "need" to make that step. Sure, a lot of newbies start with (extract) and move on to bigger and better (?) ways to brew. Some of us still like a quick, no fuss brew day and...
  14. kartracer2

    Why not just start with all grain?

    I look a brewing as 5 basic steps. 1. Equipment Set up / prep 2. Wort prep 3. Boil 4. Fermentation 5. Package Oh yeah I guess 6, ENJOY the above work. There are many branches off each of the above. Extract makes the first 2 less time consuming and arguably less expensive. also less complicated...
  15. kartracer2

    When to step up from Extract to All Grain?

    Brewing with extract now is not like it was years ago when I started. I still use extract using "PLETO". (Partial boil, Late Extract addition, Top Off water. I want to be part of the acronm world too) :cool: I think that one thing that is being pushed is that AG/BIAB "needs" to be a "next...
  16. kartracer2

    Can I use more water at the start?

    Hi all, So what you folks are saying is that even if I could do full boil extract, it would be better to do partial, late addition extract and top off? (we need an acronym, I'm going with "PLETO". Your saw it here first) :ban: I do PLETO now and quite happy with the method but strangely enough...
  17. kartracer2

    Higher FG then expected. Can I bottle?

    Just a thought. While you are waiting a day or two, go ahead and double check your thermometers and hydrometer. Never know, might find an error. Just worth a check. Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
  18. kartracer2

    I'm a newbie and I don't know where to start :/

    @mamacym I for got to add that no matter what direction you chose to go,(as in extract, mini-mash,, all grain or variations thereof) keep your first couple of brews simple styles. Get through the basics with , let's say a pale/amber ale "kit" ( kit = most, if not all ingredients in one box). It...
  19. kartracer2

    I'm a newbie and I don't know where to start :/

    @mamacym Welcome ! You made a wise first step by asking questions first. Lots of us just jumped in without doing much research or when we started there wasn't as much material out there. Any of the books mentioned are good ones, I think Charlie P's books are great, lot's of basic stuff in...