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  1. shafferpilot

    Carbing disaster, need advice

    BTW be absolutely sure you have the "in" and "out" connectors on the correct posts....
  2. shafferpilot

    Keg is pressurized but not carbonating

    Are my directions not clear?
  3. shafferpilot

    Keg is pressurized but not carbonating

    it takes longer than most folks suggest. The way to speed it up is NOT to up the pressure but to shake the hell out of it keeping the gas line attached. You will hear the regulator hiss as you shake. When the hissing stops, put it back in the kegerator and wait a few days and it'll be just...
  4. shafferpilot

    Kegging Red Bull at $0.14 per 12 oz can

    Wow, now that I look around, it's way more prevalent than it used to be. I got a couple pounds years ago and have more than I'll ever use in a lifetime!
  5. shafferpilot

    Kegging Red Bull at $0.14 per 12 oz can

    That stuff is heavily cut with crap that will NOT taste good in any drink. It's probably only 5% or less caffeine. Ever had a tylenol stuck in the back of your mouth? Only 99.9% pure is suitable for beverage making IMO... Anyways, yes, playing like it's illegal was only a joke. The part about it...
  6. shafferpilot

    Kegging Red Bull at $0.14 per 12 oz can

    You've heard about americans ordering prescriptions from mexican and canadian pharmacies, right? Caffeine is a controlled substance in America and cannot be purchased by consumers. It is a supplement in both canada and mexico. The internet is an amazing thing. Heads Up: caffeine...
  7. shafferpilot

    Need advice on how to remove Oxyclean residue on bottles

    i wouldn't worry about the black stuff... it's the white chaulky stuff you want to get off.
  8. shafferpilot

    Need advice on how to remove Oxyclean residue on bottles

    Well, I guess I don't have to tell you, but I just can't help it: That was DUMB! ;) a "mild" solution of vinegar aint gonna cut it... you need to just use vinegar. It'll melt that oxiclean right outta there in no time. As for the kettle, that is just plain old aluminum oxidation. The solution...
  9. shafferpilot

    Are all aluminum CO2 tanks the same?

    There is only one fill while you wait company that I've found here in Cincy. It's a fire-extinguisher remanufacturer.... JFYI
  10. shafferpilot

    Are all aluminum CO2 tanks the same?

    before you order online, check with your local gas suppliers. Many don't actually fill bottles while you wait. You exchange your empty bottle for one they filled in a batch fill. It'd be a shame to lose a brand new shiny bottle on the first fill. Anyways, if that's the case, see what kind of a...
  11. shafferpilot

    Serving line length question

    no one ;)
  12. shafferpilot

    Serving line length question

    it's overcarbed. Solution: Unhook gas Vent pressure shake keg vent pressure repeat for more times than you think is necessary hook back up to gas at 10psi try a pour after a few days
  13. shafferpilot

    Dishwasher + bottles

    oh, I was picturing caked on dust from being outside. Anyways, yes, I do use soap... Yes it can leave a head killing film... No I've never had that problem cause I'm cheap and don't care if my glasses are spotty. It's the anti-spotting agent that causes trouble, so use the cheap stuff. And I...
  14. shafferpilot

    Dishwasher + bottles

    I'm a faithful advocate of washing and sanitizing bottles in the dishwasher... but that's only if they were carefully rinsed after use and kept clean... What you describe tells me they need proper washing by soaking and scrubbing with a bottle brush... sorry :-/
  15. shafferpilot

    quick question on carbonation

    All is fine. You can do the following: 1. turn the pressure down to serving pressure tomorrow and get what you get. 2. pull the keg out today, but leave the gas line on and shake the crap out of it... if the regulator hisses, it isn't fully carbed. If the regulator makes no noise, it's fully...
  16. shafferpilot

    Re-Pitching Yeast on Bottling Day

    IMHO you don't have to repitch
  17. shafferpilot

    Wooden Top for the Kegerator

    seems fine. Just make sure your design allows for full sealing... Seriously, not just "pretty well sealed". I'm talking like when you open a good sealed fridge and there is a little vacuum trying to hold the door closed. One idea for the heavy lid problem is car hatch struts.
  18. shafferpilot

    Looking for basic understanding of kegs and storage.

    at a bar, the kegs come chilled, carbed, and ready to tap you can keg a beer and carb it at room temp... it requires rather high pressure but is fine. You have to chill the keg down to temp when it's time to serve it (this can take two days) and then vent any residual pressure before hooking it...
  19. shafferpilot

    hooking a paintball bottle to a keg

    medical and food grade tanks are glass lined. that's the difference.
  20. shafferpilot

    Stuck Regulator

    This is definitely the problem. condensation on the screw and body corrodes and locks up the screw. The fix is simple enough. Everyone should pull the screw completely out of the body and coat the threads with either anti-sieze or graphite powder. NO SPRAY ON LUBRICANTS OR OILS THAT WILL DRIP...