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  1. TechyDork

    AG version of extract needs help

    I tried asking this in the recipe section, but didn't get a response So my brew buddy and I have a beer that is kinda of our house beer. We brewed it for years as an extract beer and it is great. We call it the Angus Rolled Scottish, because when we first brewed it we rolled the carboy around...
  2. TechyDork

    Troubleshooting AG version of EX beer

    So my brew buddy and I have a beer that is kinda of our house beer. We brewed it for years as an extract beer and it is great. We call it the Angus Rolled Scottish, because when we first brewed it we rolled the carboy around on the floor to oxygenate the wort after pitching. That was almost...
  3. TechyDork

    Pre planning new keg and tap set up

    So i am getting very very ahead of myself here, but am looking for some advice on how best to accomplish what I want. We are in the process of selling our current home, and have our eye on a new one. The new one is a total fixer upper and part of that will be a complete gutting and remodel...
  4. TechyDork

    Another my beer is pouring flat thread

    So I can figure this out. My beers all pour with low carbonation from my keg fridge. Here is my set up maybe someone can spot the trouble. Beers pour with a nice head a minimal co2 bubbles and pours are what I would consider normal speed. I have not timed how long a pint takes. Keg fridge...
  5. TechyDork

    AG receipe from an Extract using Amber LME?

    I have a recipe that my brew buddy and I brewed all the time when we did extract. Now that we are doing all grain we are having a hard time replicating this recipe. The base of the recipe was Amber LME and some steeped specialty grains. Our attempts have come out too bitter and the color is...
  6. TechyDork

    Omega vs Giga IPA Yeasts

    I am looking to brew my DIPA again and I want to use the Conan strain of yeast. From what i have read on this forum it sounds like just the ticket to take my citrus filled DIPA to the next level. My question is are these two yeast the same strain just from different companies? Omega yeast...
  7. TechyDork

    Plate chiller - why did i wait so long!

    So my brew buddy and I have always used a DIY 25' copper coil immersion chiller. Worked great when we were doing 5 gallon batches. Last winter we built an E-HERMS system with 20g SS pots for 10g batches. The chiller just wasn't cutting it. Chill times were close to 1 hour, even with whirl...
  8. TechyDork

    12 g Bucket gasket help

    I have recently started using some 12 gallon buckets with lids as fermenters. They are great and i have not had a bad batch in them, but they do have a downside. The lids do not seal they way the 5-6 gallon ale pales do. The lid just sits on top and during fermentation some of the blow off...
  9. TechyDork

    American Pale Ale Pale Whale Ale

    This was my first brew on my new E-HERMs rig. Mash efficiency came out to 83%. 16 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) 76% 2 lbs Munich Malt (9.0 SRM) 9.5% 1 lbs Wheat Malt, Ger (2.0 SRM) 5% 1 lbs 8.0 oz Victory Malt (25.0 SRM) 7% 8.0 oz Acid Malt...
  10. TechyDork

    DIPA recipe help

    I am looking to brew a big citrusy DIPA loosely based on a Heady Topper clone from this post in the clone thread on that beer. I have had a few beers lately that feature Mosaic hops and I am looking for that type of hop flavor, strong citrus. What do you think of the hop combinations and...
  11. TechyDork

    Help with PID settings in Elsinore

    Did my first brew session on my new E-HERMS system over the weekend and I have a few questions that I am hoping someone can help me with. First I followed the steps here and plugged them in to the calculator to find the initial values for my PID in the Elsinore. My values were P=14 I=400 D=30...
  12. TechyDork

    10G Elsinore controlled E-HERMS

    So my brew buddy and I grew tired of brewing outside in the cold. We live in AK and sometimes the winters can be rough and dark. After a few months of convincing from me he is on board with going electric and moving the brew operations indoors. Next question, where to do it? As luck would...
  13. TechyDork

    Element Wire Connection

    What is everyone using to connect their wire to their camco elements? I have 10 AWG stranded wire for my power cable and the connectors that came with the kit from The Electric Brewery will not fit on the screws for the element. I tried to just wrap the wire around the screw and the...
  14. TechyDork

    Kettles leak around elements

    So we did our first water test on the BK and HLT for our new E HERMS last night. Everything was good with the exception of both element enclosures. We are using two of http://www.brewhardware.com/product_p/hotpod-ewl.htm these weldless enclosures from @Bobby_M. The nuts are from Amazon. We...
  15. TechyDork

    GFCI tripping

    So we finally ran the wiring to our new E-HERMS panel. We ran 6/4 from the main breaker, a 30 amp, to our SPA panel with a 50 amp GFCI and then to the 30 amp outlet for the panel. The issue is as soon as we turn on the main power switch on the panel the GFCI trips. The control panel is a...
  16. TechyDork

    Stone Go To IPA

    So maybe I am missing something, but this is not a good beer. Very thin with a harsh bitterness and not much hop flavor or nose for my palate. Could even call it a touch of soapy? Maybe I am just not a fan of the hops used. Anyone know what they use for the hop burst? Am I missing something...
  17. TechyDork

    Wire Connectors or no?

    I just finished up my 30A Kal clone panel build. I used crimp on connectors for my connections to the contactors. I have read a few threads recommending that maybe that is not the best way. Should I remove them and just attach the wires via the screw terminal? I am using these contactors.
  18. TechyDork

    Wiring in an E-Stop

    I have a push button momentary switch E-Stop from Auber. I am just wondering what is the best way to wire this in? I am building a Kal clone, but using the StrangeBrew Elsinore software on a Raspberry Pi in place of the PIDs and not adding the volt and amp meters. I am building a 30 amp...
  19. TechyDork

    UPS fail

    You know that feeling of excitement you get when you have been planning a new 3 vessel eHERMS build for a while and you finally order all the parts. Then you spend the next two weeks clicking refresh on your browser everyday waiting for the tracking info to show delivered? Well this kinda...
  20. TechyDork

    False Bottom for Bayou Classic 82 QT

    My brew buddy and I are building a three vessel E-HERMS system using these 82qt Bayou Classic SS kettles and will be brewing mostly 10 g batches, maybe a few 15 g lighter beers. The wort will be constantly recirculated during the mash using a pump. Which of these two options for the false...