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    White Labs Clarity Ferm Maximum Temp?

    That bottle is more concentrated, so a double dose is just 5 ml by my calculations. Keep it in the fridge.
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    White Labs Clarity Ferm Maximum Temp?

    I emailed them once to ask what temp range and alcohol tolerance it works best at, because I was suspicious of its effectiveness at 50 degrees. they confirmed it did work at lager temps, but didn’t give me an upper bound. They also said it was fine to use after primary ferment, so I guess you...
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    Dry hopping without cold crashing?

    In my experience, when dry hopping loose, the cold crash doesn’t help much anyway. It doesn’t seem to help the hop particles fall like it does for other things in suspension. Reducing the hop burn just takes time regardless of cold crash when dry hopping loose. I dry hop in a bag now and just...
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    Exaggerated haziness with Mosaic hops?

    Maybe being that old, they were a bit dry and crumbly and stayed in suspension. Did you notice any particular hop bite to the beer? I squeezed my dry hop bag dry once and had that issue. It was a bit of a bite in the back of the throat. Never cleared even through cold crash and gelatin.
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    Hop burn??

    And is that water profile correct with zero Cl and SO4?
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    Hop burn??

    How long has it been in the keg? Did you dry hop loose or in bags? How much hop trub went into the fermenter From the kettle?
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    Softened water brewing

    I have a similar setup with well water, a water softener with iron out salt, then running through an RO filter. I currently just use the RO profile In Bru N Water and adjust with gypsum and CaCl. is their any value in getting a water report of the RO water from Ward to verify or are the...
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    How do you aerate?

    Just shake the hell out of the fermenter. I gave up on my oxygen wand as the oxygen tanks were always leaking and empty and it was just one more thing to clean. I see no difference between shaking and the pure O2 in fermentation.
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    Water Profile

    Not to take this into a pH discussion, but... One thing that is never clear, even in Palmer’s book, is that the pH recommended range of 5.2-5.6 is the room temperature corrected range, right? Even though the actual PH is different at mash temperature? As far as how they brew, maybe they use...
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    RO vs Distilled water for brewing?

    Well water should not have chloramine. Most well systems just use chlorine. Almost all RO systems have additional filters that would remove the chlorine and other impurities. I just stick a 5 gallon bucket in the kitchen sink and turn it on overnight. It will fill overnight.