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  1. tnbrewer371

    Pumpkin spice addition

    be careful how much you add and look at some recipes to get a feel for how much spice is appropriate, more is not always better
  2. tnbrewer371

    Am I an alcoholic?

    Beer is just my constant beverage of choice on a side note I also prefer the term lush, however it rarely if ever describes my drinking practices: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=lush
  3. tnbrewer371

    SWMBO likes "wheaty" beer . . . . but not wheat beers!

    ive brewed an american wheat beer that seems to be really popular with alot of BMC buddies, has not been converted to AG yet, but shouldnt be to hard, pm if interested
  4. tnbrewer371

    Homebrew has ruined my taste

    dont get me wrong I would by far rather have a good quality craft beer than any BMC type, however I am guilty of indulging in a PBR from time to time, but also I am finding I by far appreciate my homebrew to comparable commercial craft beer styles even some that I used to not be able to get by...
  5. tnbrewer371

    Commercial Belgian Help

    ok nice thanks guys
  6. tnbrewer371

    Commercial Belgian Help

    Im trying to decide if I want to brew a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, however I dont think I have ever had one and dont want to devote the time shorterm and longterm in brewing something like this if I find that I do not really enjoy the style. Does anyone know of a nice Belgian Strong Dark Ale that...
  7. tnbrewer371

    belgian candi help

    It was my understanding that the inversion process in m/aking the sugar into candi made it easier for the yeast to consume without all the extra effort which is why I invertrd it before hand, also I plan on adding it dissolved in some water after high krausen so the acidity of the wort won't be...
  8. tnbrewer371

    bottle wax

    sorry for the thread revival but yuri this sounds promising!!!! any final thoughts on this process as im thinking about sealing the bottles on my imperial stout im getting ready to bottle next week.
  9. tnbrewer371

    belgian candi help

    How about rereading my original post of this thread, not once did I discuss the accuracy of using rock candi vs candi syrup in making an authentic belgian ale as a matter of fact I never even discussed what id be brewing, for all you know I could be brewing a willy wonka style ale that calls for...
  10. tnbrewer371

    belgian candi help

    ok well i was trying to make belgian candi sugar, not belgian candi syrup...belgian candi sugar near as my research has shown me is basically invert rock candi.
  11. tnbrewer371

    belgian candi help

    today i tried my hand at making some belgian candi sugar for use in an upcoming brew. did research for a couple days and here is the process I found pretty much consistently everywhere so this is what I did. Please point out my mistakes cause I feel like I did something wrong because my...
  12. tnbrewer371

    Most frustrating hobby ever?

    wow. thats terrible to hear. wish i had the know how to tell you where your going wrong but if your doing everything your saying there im stumped, though i am no expert thats for sure. maybe sanitize everything with just a simple bleach water solution if you really think that infection is the...
  13. tnbrewer371

    I like Natural Light.

    gotta say i pick up a twelve pack or 30 rack of keystone at least every six months, or whenever my BMC friends are coming over, and have to admit I drink any and all leftovers especially in the summer and thoroughly enjoy every one of them even though I love my craft beer more, just takes me...
  14. tnbrewer371

    'Mash Out' - Necessary step?

    when fly sparging and doing a mash out step, do you stir in the mash out addition water to ensure good thermal distribution to ensure the entire grain bed reaches 168? also with fly sparging you should never run the mash tun dry correct? also when doing your mash out step is it okay to add...
  15. tnbrewer371

    Book Recommendations

    I started with homebrewing for dummies by marty nachel and it really taught me to get my sea legs, I must have read it cover to cover four or five times. before I boiled my first gallon of wort, I have since graduated to some other books, breewing classic styles the complete joy and others but I...
  16. tnbrewer371

    3 week deadline--what would you brew?

    Some type of sam adams clone would be fitting seeing that the pats will be hoisting the trophy that evening...
  17. tnbrewer371

    How do you identify your homebrews?

    Standard address label with small font name of brew, brew date, bottle date, abv and kcal as determined by beersmith or beertools what ever I used, very easy simple and the little guy likes to help daddy put stickies on his big boy drinks, some of them are crooked but makes yah smile big time...
  18. tnbrewer371

    Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Barleywine

    Beer shouldn't be stored on its side as storing it on its side exposes a greater surface area should there be any oxygen in the bottle, doubt if this iis a concern with a commercial brew as I'm sure the bottle was purged with co2 prior to filling but homebrew I know shouldn't be stored on its...
  19. tnbrewer371

    How much do you drink?

    so if i run out of milk its not okay to pour a chocolate oatmeal stout over my cocoa crispies...........talk about uptight.....i kid...... i kid
  20. tnbrewer371

    How much do you drink?

    haha +1 i love homebrewtalk. on a more serious note i think we should all be honest: (6 pack of BMC = 6 pack of (insert your name here) haus IPA) = False right?