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  1. tbel

    Small batch (1.5 gal) question

    @Lennie, Don't you think that as long as there is an airlock on and the fermentor goes undisturbed he would be just fine? I definitely agree that if he does anything but leave it on primary the whole time it should go to the bottle. Unless he's got a secondary that he could use that would...
  2. tbel

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Unfortunately I can't tell you much. One of the members is in the process of putting this system together. However it's far from complete. He has three 55gal stainless steel drums. We only used the one with two propane burners underneath. It worked quite well. We used a number of burners...
  3. tbel

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Our local Brew club RAZE, did a club brew last night. 50 gallons of an IPA using all Cascade hopps. We had a great time :ban:
  4. tbel

    This looks so cool, let's make it happen!

    I just "kicked" in a donation myself. Hope they can make just that much better. :)
  5. tbel

    Legal issues: Freetail Brewing Co.

    My favorite part was "Cc: Fling Spaghetti Monster"
  6. tbel

    How hard is a 220 to install?

    Quite frankly, if you only need it under the panel, just call some who know what they are doing! It will take them about a half hour to install it and your life is worth it.
  7. tbel

    Home Brewer TV Show #37

    I'm afraid neither of you sound all that intelligent here. The difference between what he has posted and what Gary is doing is that jsullivan02130 is simply pointing a site that is free to everyone no strings attached. On Gary's site you are asked to provide a name and email address to be sent...
  8. tbel

    Things that come out of the SWMBO's mouth!

    Guys around the Twin Cities area may know of Garage Logic. They have few things to say about this. " Three Prices You Pay Syndrome 1 - The price you paid for the item. 2 - The price you tell her you paid for the item. 3 - The price you pay when she finds out the price you paid." and then...
  9. tbel

    Things that come out of the SWMBO's mouth!

    Not really funny like many of the other responses but, when I started washing my yeast after I made my first batch, she says "Do you really need 4 jars of that yeast? Do you think you'll use that all in one year?" I just laughed, it was funny to me
  10. tbel

    Any Issues With Northern Brewer?

    Happy for you and not surprised at all. :mug: The guys at NB are stand up people and will do right if given the opportunity.
  11. tbel

    I'm an idiot!!

    I've got a Petite Saison and Farmhouse Biere de Table bottled. :mug:
  12. tbel

    I'm an idiot!!

    That's a possibility, but how do you explain all the glass on the floor?
  13. tbel

    I'm an idiot!!

    This is only my third beer, but first time using a secondary. The directions specifically say to secondary to dry hop. I figured with the recipe and directions being done in cooperation with Surly I'd get the best results that way. Certainly in hind-site those temps would have been just...
  14. tbel

    I'm an idiot!!

    Well I think the title of the thread says it all! Actually the floor is quite cold and if I place the carboy on it the beer would only be in the high 50's maybe 60.
  15. tbel

    I'm an idiot!!

    So, today after three weeks in the primary, I transfer my Surly Bitter clone to secondary in my glass carboy. Measured the gravity and tasted it. It was quite good! Carry the carboy down to the basement and set it on some boxes full of bottles to keep it off the floor. Figure I'll finish...
  16. tbel

    Home Brewer TV #32

    That was not meant as a complaint but hopefully to give you a little chuckle. If that's the worst thing you say I think she can handle it. She also thinks Butt is a bad word.:rolleyes: We try not to encourage the use foul language so she's been unaccustomed to those words, however with a...
  17. tbel

    Home Brewer TV #32

    Watched it last night on my Roku player. My kids were very entertained with the tasting and all the foam. My ten year old was slightly offended with your langauge though, I believe you said "ass" or something similar. :)
  18. tbel

    Saturday Mornings are for Brewing and Dr. Who...

    I didn't like Matt Smith at first either but he grew on me. He had some pretty big shoes to fill after Tennant. As for knocking Donna, well I have to agree she isn't much to look I think the character was well written an played. Many of the the shows are available on both Netflix and Amazon...