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  1. PurpleJeepXJ

    Mash Out?

    Mash out should have nothing to do with an off flavor. Need more details on the taste or odor.
  2. PurpleJeepXJ

    First AG brew day tomorrow...

    This is how I look at brew day as well!!
  3. PurpleJeepXJ

    IPA not getting the taste I want....Help!

    IPAs are meant to age. Look it up, that's the whole point of an IPA. If you are using tried and true recipes or kits and still aren't getting the taste you are expecting, I would look towards equipment or process.
  4. PurpleJeepXJ

    IPA not getting the taste I want....Help!

    What kind of kit? Extract or AG?
  5. PurpleJeepXJ

    Solid thermometer

    They are all about the same. I bought mine off Amazon for like $10 each. The high end ones may be more exact and have a longer life but if you calibrate each time with boiling water you should be close enough. Just make sure you get one that can actually be calibrated.
  6. PurpleJeepXJ

    Help! What's in my wort?

    Looks like pellet hops to me.
  7. PurpleJeepXJ

    First All Grain Mash

    Either a blender or food processor will work but will take a LONG time. I too made the same mistake early in my AG career. I milled the grains in a food processor and then doubled my mash time. Actually hit my OG within a point.
  8. PurpleJeepXJ

    Grain age

    Agreed. Give them a chance to make it right. Now as for if the grain is good or not... I would bet you that it still is. But that would require opening the bag and probably ruining any chances you have to exchange it.
  9. PurpleJeepXJ

    IPA recipe critique

    It will be good. That recipe is very close to my go to IPA recipe. I just add 2# of rye and my timing is different.
  10. PurpleJeepXJ

    The Pilgrim Hop

    Probably tastes like corn and squash. Ok that's my comment from the peanut gallery.
  11. PurpleJeepXJ

    Original Gravity Conundrum

    I think there is your problem. I have never used a hydrometer calibrated in the 60s on 150* wort. I am sure someone has before. I would actually be interested to see how a 150s hydrometer reads in 60* water and vice versa... I may try this when I get home
  12. PurpleJeepXJ

    On Demand HLT

    If you use 100% tap water then it would not be an issue. As Yooper said, most people like to tweak their water. Only way I would see to use RO water, or any other modified water, and an on demand HW heater would be to have a bulk tank of your modified/RO water and a pump. Pump from the bulk tank...
  13. PurpleJeepXJ

    Avoiding Methanol in ginger ale

    Technically any mash has trace amounts of methanol...
  14. PurpleJeepXJ

    Original Gravity Conundrum

    Are you using a hydrometer that is calibrated to 155*?
  15. PurpleJeepXJ

    IPA Malt Build

    Color will be nice. Cant really tell you how "malty" it will be without knowing your plan with the hops. I dont know about the flaked oats... kinda weird for an IPA.
  16. PurpleJeepXJ

    Poisoned batches?

    What exactly is the issue? Air lock activity?
  17. PurpleJeepXJ

    First All Grain Brew!!

    Congrats on your first AG brew!! Welcome to the addiction.
  18. PurpleJeepXJ

    Pure oatmeal brew?

    If a heavy oatmeal flavor is what you are going for, I would do 50/50 2Row and oatmeal. Maybe a little crystal 40 for color.
  19. PurpleJeepXJ

    Brew size vs Pot Size

    [emoji121]️this guy hit it right on the head
  20. PurpleJeepXJ

    First attempt at all-grain. Gravity issues and fermentation question

    What is your AG setup and did you sparge your grains? I would bet that is where your drop in expected gravity happened.