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  1. lanev

    Odd Flavor from 2nd Keg

    I kegged up my first batch of homebrew which was an amber ale. I have a 1.75-gallon keg and a 2.5-gallon keg. My first keg tasted great, however, my second key has an off flavor that I just can't quite place. It's not terrible but not pleasant either. There was probably a month or a little more...
  2. lanev

    Identify Logo on Ball Lock Disconnect

    I had ordered some ball lock disconnects on Amazon that specifically said they were CMB. The gas in disconnects that delivered are CMB but the liquid out are not. Can anyone identify the brand on these, and if they are actually reliable? Thanks! 20200227_202157475_iOS by lanev posted Feb 27...
  3. lanev

    First Brew Still Fermenting Away - When Is It "Done"

    My first brew (an amber ale) has been in the fermenter for 10 days now and is still bubbling about every 90 seconds. It's been doing 90-ish seconds for several days now. At the start, I used yeast nutrients and oxygenated the wort, and it was bubbling like mad in under 15 hours which lasted...
  4. lanev

    Malt, Hops, Yeast, and Water Books

    Any recommendation on the best order in which to read these books?
  5. lanev

    Amount of Water Used in Mash

    For my first brew, BeerSmith told me I should use just under 4 gallons in my mash. Then add additional sparge water to get the boil volume to where it should be. My question is how important is doing that ~4 gallons at mash rather than mashing with 5 gallons and then needing less sparge water...