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    Partial Mash - Switched from small mash tun to sous vide and really lost efficiency. Why?

    i started out using a sous vide. It turned out when I thought the sous vide was keeping constant temp, it was not. The temp in the grain bag you are using could be way off in temp. The sous vide just doesn’t push enough volume.
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    Mash Temps importance

    This thread has got me thinking about mash temps again. Given I want a very dry beer for a light colored recipe (IPA or Pilsner) at a target 6.0 ABV, what would be the preferred mash for 90 minutes? A) 152 for entire mash B) 147 for x minutes then 156 for remaining C) 156 then let it naturally...
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    thoughts of overnight mashing

    I do BIAB with an insulated wrapped kettle. The few times I have left the mash overnight and left the grain bag in, the beers did not come out great. Especially if they dropped below 130 or so. I cant put my finger on what exactly was different, but they just didn’t wow. Also you have to...