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  1. CowboyShootist

    Phil's Sparging Arm

    Greetings, Was looking at the Phil's sparging arms and was wondering if anyone had tried a simple nozzle from a yard irrigation system? Seems like you could get one of the adjustable models and have it spay a nice "rain-like" circle of water over the grain bed. TC
  2. CowboyShootist

    Cooler for HLT?

    Greetings, Finally found a round 10gal rubbermaid for my MLT. In the process of looking around I saw some places online that were selling sets of cooler style MLT and HLT. I am a little confused about the cooler style HLT. Is the idea to simply pour hot water into the cooler? I am assuming...
  3. CowboyShootist

    Cooler style MLT

    He shoots, he scores! $37+ tax for the 10gal model. Thanks for the heads up everyone. TC
  4. CowboyShootist

    Cooler style MLT

    Greetings, I am trying to get the materials together to make a MLT that will support 10 gal batches. What I am finding is that locating a 10gal round water cooler is near impossible. I can find the 5gal units but not the 10s. I've looked everywhere but haven't gone to the online stores yet...
  5. CowboyShootist

    If I want to do 10 gal batches how big should my MLT and HLT be?

    If I wanted to do a 10gal batch do I actually need a 10+ gal HLT and MLT? I am assuming that a 10gal cooler for the MLT would be sufficient to handle enough grain for a 10gal batch but I am not sure if you actually need 10 gal of hot water to mash the grain. My beer-sense tells me no. I...
  6. CowboyShootist

    Why is it called Hot Liquor Tun?

    Yes I definitely think that is something that needs to documented for posterity.
  7. CowboyShootist

    Why is it called Hot Liquor Tun?

    Not to get too far :off: but at what temperature is water "hot"? Would that be relative to the ambient or room temperature? :) If water is frozen at 32F then that would seem "cold" to me but is 33 hot or just less cold? At what point does water transition from being cold water to just water...
  8. CowboyShootist

    Why is it called Hot Liquor Tun?

    Well technically it would depend on how hot the water is and how hot you want it to be so you might actually heat "hot" water to make it hotter. :)
  9. CowboyShootist

    Why is it called Hot Liquor Tun?

    Nice Yuri... You're absolutely right, we must defend our acronyms and terminology otherwise anyone could come in here and pretend to be the experts that we think we are! :)
  10. CowboyShootist

    Why is it called Hot Liquor Tun?

    Thanks. I was mostly interested in the Liquor part of the name. I guess Hot Water Heater just doesn't sound quite as sophisticated. :) :)
  11. CowboyShootist

    Why is it called Hot Liquor Tun?

    Why is the HLT called a Hot Liquor Tun if it's only used to heat the water for mashing/sparging? Besides the mash water and sparge water are there any other liquids that you would run through the HLT? Thanks in advance TC