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  1. shafferpilot

    Well, this is gonna suck...

    HOT DOG! This is the first I've seen of this thread and in reading the first four pages I was afraid you might take some of the awful advice posted.... Phew! Thank God you did EXACTLY the right thing. No promises, just a clear and open understanding of where you are. FYI, relationships like...
  2. shafferpilot

    Broke up with my LHBS today

    While there is nothing wrong (as in illegal) about refusing a sale to someone so long as it isn't for reasons of color, sex, heritage, religion, etc. It sure is stupid. I know more Centenniel is available to the store, because every online store has it on sale right now! I've done this type of...
  3. shafferpilot

    Lets all drop the SWMBO.

    I will admit.... she has to do that to me a LOT more often than the other way around... but that's just cause I'm generally an idiot ;)
  4. shafferpilot

    Lets all drop the SWMBO.

    I think of my wife as she who must be obeyed because, well, she should! NOT because she's a scary aweful person, but because that is the deal we made to each other when we got married. If she looks me in the eye and says, "I don't want you to do that." I obey because I love and respect her, and...
  5. shafferpilot

    who needs a jetski

    When you could have one of these babies!
  6. shafferpilot

    How to save money after college

    Almost everyone I know who graduated college in the last 4 years are working as bartenders and retail pions.... their degrees are currently only costing them money ;)
  7. shafferpilot

    How to save money after college

    PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! cause THIS is the first time I've heard anyone other than myself with this exact concern!
  8. shafferpilot

    How to save money after college

    Most people can't handle this because they don't understand it.... most people are overwhelmed with high interest consumer debt!
  9. shafferpilot

    How to save money after college

    One place to start is to actually track your money... all of it. Like mistercameron said, "know where your money is going" Next, I suggest that you get direct deposit from your job and then pay yourself an allowance, and leave the debit and credit cards at home. Just withdraw your allowance...
  10. shafferpilot

    my wife is ruining me

  11. shafferpilot

    Dumped my first beer

    Arrogant Bastard? yep, it's awesome I dumped some of a Sam Adams limited release. It was from some homebrew competition winners. Sam brewed presumably small batches of two beers, one of which was outstanding... passion fruit I think? I know i know, most think fruit doesn't belong in beer, but...
  12. shafferpilot

    CPAP experience?

    sounds to me like you really need a bi-pap. Instead of only pushing one pressure, it holds a positive pressure all the time AND pushes harder when you breathe in. Ask your doc if that would be a better choice for your severe case.
  13. shafferpilot

    Pipe Cleaning

    that's what I was thinking;) for any pipes, i prefer to avoid fuzzy pipe cleaners. they tend to shed. I have used the brass version before. I think they're intended for gun parts or maybe acetylene torches... something like that.
  14. shafferpilot

    Pipe Cleaning

    is this a wood pipe? If it's glass or metal I reccomend boiling it in water for a LONG time and scraping out the goop with stainless piano wire or old guitar string. if it takes any significant effort to scrape, boil longer. If it's and old corn cob pipe, don't use any cleaners!!!! the cob...
  15. shafferpilot

    Poll: Do you want to know your SO's "History"?

    I've had plenty of relationships full of secrets and lies.... Big surprise they didn't work out. Being afraid of or hiding from your past is a waste of energy. You have to find some pride in where you've been and what you've done. Without all of that experience, you wouldn't be who you are. My...
  16. shafferpilot

    Political Threads / Religious Threads

    Ever watch political debate in England? They call each other names, they throw stuff, they spit.... They're passionette about their beliefs. When they enter those debates, they expect to behave like that and people expect them to behave like that. It's ok to accept that. Yeah, I came to HBT to...
  17. shafferpilot

    Political Threads / Religious Threads

    Wow. Even a discussion ABOUT political threads can get heated;) Anyways, I find it appalling that political discussion is so taboo in our society today. The only information we can get is through an extremely biased media, or the politicians themselves. For some strange reason I'm not allowed...
  18. shafferpilot


    I say, "go for the grill idea. If you're grilling up some burgers and dogs, you might as well put some heat into the pool water too":) You could also do decoction heating with your brew equipment.
  19. shafferpilot

    Massive Speed Wobble!

    Don't take this wrong, 'cause I love a good off-roadin' truck. But the solution is pretty simple: Don't make severe alterations to the suspension of the vehicle that you drive to and from work on a highway with potholes and 70mph+ traffic... and expect it to work. It will NEVER work right no...
  20. shafferpilot

    Ow! My Face!!!

    I've had a drill or two get away from me, but I've never had the forthought to stop it with my nose! Nice one:ban: