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  1. CowboyShootist

    Getting ready to bottle my Peach Wheat

    Thanks that what I thought but I wanted to make sure.
  2. CowboyShootist

    Getting ready to bottle my Peach Wheat

    Greetings, I am about to bottle up a Peach Wheat I threw together from a kit plus some hallertauer hops. I racked into the secondary just short of 2 weeks ago onto some peach puree. When I go to bottle should I try to avoid getting any puree from the bottom of the secondary or should I...
  3. CowboyShootist

    Hauling Corny's over the Mountains

    What's the best way to transport full kegs over the mountains? I am guessing that due to the changes in pressure as you go over the mountain you need to let off the CO2. Anything else to do?
  4. CowboyShootist

    More Kegging Questions - Storing uncarbonated brew in a keg

    Greetings, I have a question about kegging. If you were to make say a 10 gal batch and you have 2 Corny kegs can you put the finished beer, uncarbonated, into the second keg and will it keep? Should you go ahead and use priming sugar in the second keg in order to carbonate the brew or can it...
  5. CowboyShootist

    Mini-Kegs - Good Idea?

    Thanks everyone. I am definitely leaning towards the Cornelius kegs. I can make room in the outside fridge for now and get the keggerator later on.
  6. CowboyShootist

    Mini-Kegs - Good Idea?

    Greetings, I am looking at moving from bottling to kegging and have done quite a bit of research on both Corny kegging systems as well as some of the Mini-Keg systems available. The main issue I see with the Corny kegs is size and cost. Cost is not that big of a deal since it's something...