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  1. kshuler

    Temperature stratification in conical fermentor

    Good morning everyone. Just thought I would report on something I noticed with my conical fermentor. I have an insulated conical, that has a peltier heating system, home made, but essentially similar to what the MoreBeer ultimate conicals have. Yesterday I chilled the wort to 59 while...
  2. kshuler

    Voltage from PWM circuit

    Just curious about a wiring diagram, and thought you might be able to help me out. I am trying to run 12 volt motor, via a PWM circuit, but wanted to get the power in terms of the initial voltage supplied. I have little volt meters but with a PWM circuit, no matter how short the pulses are...
  3. kshuler

    Help with new brewspace!

    Hi Everyone- We will be moving into a new house next month and I am trying to convert an area to a brewspace. It is a strange 10x12 cutout area of the house, covered entirely by a roof, but is outside. The challenge I have is this-- we are on a fairly steep slope and I do not want too much...
  4. kshuler

    New controlled chilling method for small rooms

    Good evening everyone- I brewed multiple batches today as I have an event I have to host in August. I have traditionally not really brewed much in the summer because I have no good method of chilling, other than a single Peltier chiller device I built. I live in a 1000 square foot house...
  5. kshuler

    Dry Hopping Woes

    I still consider myself a beginner, even though I have about 40 brews behind me in the last 3 years, and I still have frequent unexpected problems and don't always get the result that is intended. Most recently, I brewed two different batches of beer-- a Nelson Sauvin based IPA and an all...
  6. kshuler

    propogating hops from a leaf

    A coworker is growing hops in her yard, and I was thinking about getting a cutting and trying to grow one myself. Can I just clip a leaf off, dip it in rooting hormone and then in soil? Will this method work for propogating, or do I have to actually get a piece of the root? Klaus
  7. kshuler

    Bell's Two hearted- base malt?

    HI everyone- I was thinking of brewing the Bell's Two Hearted recipe from eschatz. Problem is, I only have Pilsner and Marris otter, but I have no american 2-row at this time. It is a pretty hoppy centennial hopped american IPA. Which would be the best to use? Or should I split it half...
  8. kshuler

    Switch to 3 vessel from biab?

    HI everyone- I have been brewing for about almost 2 years now, and when I switched to all grain, I started with BIAB with an intent to upgrade to a full 3 vessel system when I got the space and time and money. I have been toying with the idea of upgrading. I have a modified clone of Kal's...
  9. kshuler

    hopstopper clogging- fixed I think (BIAB)

    Hi everyone. I think I have found a way to stop clogging in my hopstopper. I have been struggling for a while with my hopstopper. Originally, I had a homemade hoptstopper, and this kept clogging, so I bought a REAL hopstopper, thinking that it might be better. In fact, it is quite a bit...
  10. kshuler

    wiring help

    I have a switch that i am wiring that has two color illumination, and was wondering if anyone could help me with my understanding of the wiring. Here is the switch: This is how I read the diagram, but I just want to make sure, if anyone can help. Thanks!
  11. kshuler

    Clean up Sous vide

    Made an IPA today on my electric system. As I was recirculating PBW it occurred to me-- I have a few filet steaks in the freezer, perhaps I should try "Sous Vide" cooking on my brewing rig. ON the first rinse after the PBW, I heated up to 132 degrees, and tossed in the steaks in vacuum sealed...
  12. kshuler

    Filtering break material in BIAB

    I am a BIAB brewer and love it, although with a single caveat. The wort is not clear prior to boiling and the amount of hot break material is huge, and my understanding is that BIAB produces much more break material than a standard 3 vessel system. Anyone actually ever compared the same...
  13. kshuler

    Calculating expected pre boil gravity with BIAB

    HI everyone- Just finished a hellish brew day trying to make a clone of Kate the Great. Disaster, but that is another story. I was trying to figure out how to calculate the pre boil gravity with BIAB, and I am not sure I am doing it right. My understanding was that BIAB efficiency was...
  14. kshuler

    proper way to get big hop flavor

    HI- I have been reading through this and other sites and I seem to be getting more confused than ever in trying to figure out what the best way to improve hop flavor and aroma is in beers. Obviously, everyone says late hopping will increase this. Granted. But what about whirlpooling...
  15. kshuler

    Wort absorption for BIAB

    Hi guys, Completed an experiment on my last brew about wort absorption. I do BIAB brewing and am almost always getting exactly 81% lautering efficiency. I think I know why people can get such good yields, and it is mainly to do with extracting more wort from the grain than one would predict...
  16. kshuler

    Help Wiring a valve

    I am wiring an electric brewery similar to Kal's but with some changes. I am including a valve control circuit that runs a 2-10 volt proportional valve with a 4-20 mA current control PID. I have a 500 ohm resistor across the the 4-20 mA output. Here is the wiring as is shown on the Belimo...
  17. kshuler

    Sanitation and ball valves

    HI Everyone- I am in the middle of planning a new RIMS system with a BIAB setup. I have always used silicone tubing, cleaned immediately after every brew day and NPT threaded ball valves. My standard cleaning procedure is after the brew day to recirculate hot PBW for 15 minutes, flush with...
  18. kshuler

    Anyone know a cheap PID with analog output?

    Hi everyone- i am attempting to go bonkers and modulate the flow rate of my wort through the plate chiller so I can get to a specific wort temp directly into the fermentor as fast as possible. I know there are actuated valves that are more than just open or closed, but can be opened to...
  19. kshuler

    Kegerator tower cooling

    I bought a kegerator off craigslist for $25 (no tower, but I already had one waiting for a refrig to become available, instead a commercial kegerator did!). I am waiting for some spare parts to arrive to fix it back up to its original condition, but was wondering what I could do about...
  20. kshuler

    Very sad...

    Just saw a craigslist post for a Sanyo kegerator for $125. Was stainless, looked good. I called the guy and it was still available. Said I was interested, but wanted to lok it up first so I could see if it fit to Corny Kegs. MOdel was BC-1207s. Looked it up and called. No answer. Called...