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    My first oak barrel

    I just picked up my first oak bourbon barrel from a local distillery. Its 5 gallons and was emptied a couple weeks ago. Here are some questions.... I'm brewing a Russian imperial stout tomorrow that I would like to age in it. It will be ready in 3 weeks or so for the barrel. Will I need to...
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    Old rubber stoppers

    My uncle gave me all of his old equipment which included grolsch bottles, carboys, rubber stoppers, and airlocks. All the equipment has been in his basement for a while now (9 years ish) so of course I have my concerns with how clean they are! Glass carboys no problem throw them on my...
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    Egg/fart smell in kegged cider!

    This is my 3rd cider I've made. First 2 came out great and this 3rd one has a good flavor but nasty smell! Smells like sulfer or eggs. I already kegged it and its been in the keg for about 2 months. Anything I can do to eliminate the smell? I'm guessing probably not, thankfully I only make 2.5...