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  1. J

    First time bottling. Great success!

    Finally got to start bottling! On the far right is a traditional mead with cinnamon sticks added in secondary, a cyser, a blueberry/elderberry melanomal(?), and the last two are home pressed ciders I wanted to try. My wife and I like the berry one the most. The traditional and cyser have a good...
  2. J

    Is my mead infected?

    First time attempting mead. I reracked a classic and elderberry mead yesterday and this morning there are a couple white spots on the tops of them. Is it normal or infected? If it is, can I save it? I don’t have the experience to know :(
  3. J

    Is my mead ok?

    Reracked a classic and elderberry mead. They have small white stuff on top. Does it look infected? This is my first attempt at mead so I don’t have experience here :(
  4. J

    Is this too much headspace?

    Just brewed a five gallon batch of Thundercookie and placed in secondary. Is this too much headspace? If so, what can I do?
  5. J

    Are these crabapples safe to use?

    Hey all, I plan to use some crabapples To mix in my cider this year. I’m unsure if some that I’m seeing are safe to use?
  6. J

    Just learned the importance of a blowoff tube...

    Made a 5 gal batch of Thunder Cookie Gingerbread Stout and set it in the garage. Was bubbling nicely before bed, but blew in the night! I think I got it under control, but if it was exposed for a few hours is it still good? There aren’t any bugs in there, I checked. Got a tube rigged once I...
  7. J

    Guesses on what’s in the must?

    Attempting my first ever mead! I pitched this one gallon of classic mead 3 days ago and is bubbling quite nicely. I did notice some dark specs sitting in the sides and top, however. I’m wondering if the raw honey I bought locally might have some impurities or specs, or might it be straight...
  8. J

    Low/no carbonation in cider?

    Hey all, I brewed my first 5 gallon batch of cider using a premade kit. I put in the sugar carb pills in each bottle and have let it sit for a week before trying it. There was only a small pop when I opened the bottle and few bubbles coming up, no carbonation in the cider. Does it normally take...
  9. J

    Does anyone know what type of apple this is?

    These are growing on a tree in my yard and I’m unsure what type they are/whether they are suitable For making cider. I thought they were crabapples but am unsure if they can get this big! They are about 3 inches across of it helps.
  10. J

    Newbie here- are my apples ready?

    Hey everyone! I have two crabapple trees in my yard and was wondering if they are ready to press. The seeds are brown but they aren’t all red yet? Are they ok to start or should I wait?