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    might have racked CBS clone to secondary too soon

    I am making my first "big" beer after years of home brewing. I found a clone recipe for Canadian breakfast stout that was just a list of ingredients, not method. I mashed at 153F and my OG was 1.080. following my typical practice, I racked to secondary after the bubble rate in primary was...
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    WTB Better Bottle spigot assembly

    I have a ported better bottle but over the years I've lost part of the spigot assembly. does anyone have the complete assembly for sale? thanks
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    holding legged beer under CO2 but not refrigerated

    autocorrect didn't like "Kegged" beer and I didn't notice the autocorrection before posting I have a spare corny keg but the kegerator is full right now. can I rack a batch from secondary to the spare keg and put under CO2 for a while before there is room in the kegerator? I have a spot in my...
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    contaminated by dry hopping?

    i've been brewing for several years but don't have too much experience with dry hopping. i made my second batch of dogfish head 60 minute a few weeks ago (the first batch was outstanding!). almost 2 weeks ago (after 2 weeks in primary), i racked to secondary and dry hopped using a muslin bag...