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    Wild Game

    Its that season again! Post up your best wild game recipes..yummmm
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    Is there anywhere that I can go get a additive pack to add to distilled water to get my water profile the same as say Dublin Ireland for my next stout?
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    Esspresso Stout

    A good buddy of mine came to me with a great idea ..he has some nice espresso beans laying around and figure we need to put them in a stout..Im thinking we are gonna start with a partial extract kit..I just dont know what stout kit to buy..my lhbs has a dry irish stout, oatmeal stout, and a milk...
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    What Beer rare or limited edition brew did you score today!

    Nuff said..list your good finds...locations and prices if possible.
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    What craft brew are you drinking

    Well folks what craft brews are you sampling and whats your review?
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    How to find a good craft brew when im out in no mans land

    HELP!! Stuck in the middle of nowhere and I cant find any decent beer anywhere?. .ive googled and searched around..but nothing good..unless you think Budweiser is good beer..I mean hopps flavored fizzy water that is
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    Where to go from here?

    Ok so I did a bunch of hard ciders..messed around with some mead and skeeterpee. ..brewed my first partial extract batch of beer..hell I even made a wort chiller diy style with some soft copper tubing and some compression fittings...now i dont know where to go to next..I dont have a basement so...
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    Partial extract question

    I brewed a partial extract batch last weekend on saturday..my airlock was going absolutley crazy for two days after pitching safale so-4..the last few days no airlock activity...any advise now I havent seen any airlock activity in two days..im tempted to rack to my secondary..but something tells...
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    Just sayin

    Dont add alot of nutrient once the brew hits the 1/3 break if using a gallon jug..it almost instantly blew my airlock off..lmao ceiling Riesling!
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    Story of a noob

    So here I am.Sitting in my computer room thinking to myself "self...paying 10.80 us dollars for a 6 pack of strongbow is starting to get expensive... (the light bulb moment) enter the infamous youtube. And we start watching all things related to hard cider..then a homebrew makes a video (in my...