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    Is my fermentation stuck - Barleywine

    I've been a homebrewer for nearly 4 years. I brewed a Barleywine with an OG of 1.102. I used Omega Yeast - British Ale I - OYL-006. I made a starter that doubled in size. I used a blowoff tube because my 5.5 gallon batch became a 6.25 gallon batch in a 6.5 gallon fermenter. At day 3, I checked...
  2. K

    Cyzer back sweetening

    I have a Cyzer that has been aging for about 6 months. It has finally mellowed enough to where the hot alcohol taste is gone. It fermented dry to .998 and is at about 14%. I have a friend who made an Apple hooch, by throwing apples in a 55 gallon drum with water. He threw yeast on it and let it...
  3. K

    Bad Beer

    I brewed a pale ale with Centennial as Bittering and Denali as Aroma. The beer turned out terrible and the worst part is I made it twice with terrible results both times. The first time I kegged it after 8 days, and thought I didn't allow the yeast enough time to clean up. The second time it...
  4. K

    Weird film inside empty keg

    I opened an empty keg to clean it and found this weird film across the inside of the keg. It looked like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The keg had only been empty for a Day. Any ideas as to what it could be and whether or not I should hear treat my keg?
  5. K

    Caramel Wine

    I have an idea and would like to make a caramel apple wine. I have figured out a recipe and need about 4 pounds of caramelized sugar. I've looked into making it, but I am no good at heat control when I cook. I don't want to burn the sugar, or have my kitchen smell like burnt sugar. Does anyone...
  6. K

    Partial Mash/Leftover mashup brewing

    I have 2 pounds of DME and 1 pound of liquid pilsner extract. I would like to make a 5 gallon batch using up the extract I have, and a partial mash with grain. How much grain should I buy to get my desired result. I am just experimenting at this point, but don't know the ratio's. I just want to...
  7. K

    BYO Magazine 1997 - Real Root Beer

    Has anyone tried the BYO magazine's October 1997 recipe for "Real Root Beer"? I have it in the secondary, about ready to bottle. I took a gravity reading today and tasted it. I will be bottling in 2 days, and it tastes similar to root beer, however not as sweet as I imagined it would be...
  8. K

    Too Much Head

    I opened my first bottle today. It is the Beyond Blonde from the Brooklyn Brewshop kit. For my very first batch ever I was quite impressed. It tasted great. However it was very cloudy, and there was way too much head on the pour. I poured against the side of the glass, and poured slowly. By the...