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    Add a "sample" valve to a plastic fermentation bucket?

    I happen to be fermenting some lagers in a friend's garage refrigerator/freezer, which I do several times a year, and I need to check the gravity to see if it's time for their diacetyl rest. I have to remove the STC-1000+'s temperature probes, slide/lift the buckets out, sanitize around the...
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    Brun Water vs mini-mash vs first runnings

    Today I brewed a modified recipe of Can You Brew It's Moose Drool. As I have done for the last half dozen brews, I brewed with RO water, entered all necessary data into the Bru'n Water spreadsheet, more or less adjusted the salts to the style chosen (I now ignore magnesium), and brewed. Bru'n...
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    Milwaukee PSA - 6G bucket @ HOBO $3.50 each

    They are the same Linpac Ropak 6G white #2 HDPE buckets that Northern Brewer sells for $16 five blocks away, though without the silkscreening. I picked up 10 of them, and there were about 50 more. They are scattered about near their paint supplies. However, HOBO does not sell the lids! So, if...
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    Very first recipe - Tasmanian APA - please check

    I've been brewing extract kits since late last year, and having a blast doing it. I have been lucky enough to have loved and drank an imprudent amount of every recipe I've tried. But, I have yet to brew an American IPA. I've been keeping an eye on the tweaks and variations being done with...