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  1. J

    Water and brewing

    Ive touched on this subject before but still a bit confused. I understand there is information given online for the ingredients to your local water company and its minerals etc. I have been using tap water on my few brews and some have been ok and some bad. Should i use spring water instead...
  2. J

    Lager fermentation

    Im new to home brewing and Im focusing mainly on lager as its what I drink. Ive watched tons of videos etc on brewing but just want to see if I can get extra advice on the whole process! After pitching powder should i allow to ferment at a higher temp and for how long? How long can i leave in...
  3. J

    Help with beer taps!

    Im currently setting up my kegerator system and im hoping to install my taps soon. I have 3 corny kegs, two im using for lager and beer the other specifically for stout which i will source a stout faucet. I have purchased two taps. One is a cheap faucet comes as described in the pic and the...
  4. J

    Using yeast again

    First two batches of beer i used the dried yeast that came with the kits and just added when at ambient and worked out well. I decided to do three batches for my 2nd attemp and without knowing the difference i orderd liquid yeast in a smack pack and realised half hour before pitching it needed...
  5. J

    Kegging help and tips

    Ive put up a previous post about my kegging disaster! Im about 3 months into home brewing and i have learnt the hard way with some mistakes and problems. Basically the beer has flowed through my gas line into my regulator possibly due to too little headspace, carbonating at a higher temperature...
  6. J

    Keg disaster!!

    This is my second double batch of beer ive made but on this occasion its has gone horribly wrong! I possibly didnt put in my temperature controller probe properly and I noticed today it was beginning to freeze so I turned off the power. I was hoping the kegs did not freeze but looks like it was...
  7. J

    Storing finished beer

    I currently have 2 corny kegs with beer 2 weeks in my corny kegs. After 2 weeks of fermentation I filled the kegs and bumped it up to 30 psi for a few days and down to 12 psi for the rest of the week and they both produced lovely pints. I am running both off one gas line using a dual john guest...
  8. J

    Guinness temp and psi

    I am currently brewing guinness and have a lot of friends with guinness kegerators in which is basically a fridge with a custom keg of guinness( not homebrew!). A lot are complaining about bad pints and too much head on the pint. Im wondering is there a perfect serving strategy for guinness? Im...
  9. J

    Variety of mixed malts

    Im after brewing 3 lagers with all different recipes and i was left with vienna, europils, munich and carrafell. Im thinking of being creative and making a batch of beer with my leftover malts! Any experiences or even recipes with a variety of malts
  10. J

    Home brew finished carbonation

    I have recently brewed my first two home brews american ipa and european lager. I fermented for two weeks and after correct fg readings i stuck them in corny kegs without pressure for 3 days as i had the wrong gas and 4 days in a fridge on 20 psi to speed up the carbonation. I pulled my first...
  11. J

    Second fermentation

    Im new to brewing and i have brewed an american ipa and a lager. I done my first transfers with a syphon and filled two corny kegs, and bottled the rest. The bottles look pretty awful! and probaly 10% yeast cloud on the bottom, although I discarded about 2 litres. Im not to conserned about the...
  12. J

    Corny keg pin lock/ ball lock conversion

    I have only recently begun my new adventure in home brewing. I realised from the beginning ball lock was the way forward for me and ive continued with that system. I have noticed pin lock corny kegs going cheap in my area and wondering would it be much hassle converting systems? examples being...
  13. J

    Guinness home brew

    Im after getting all the ingredients pre mashed for a guinness clone. Has anybody tried this? I was assuming i would cook my mash biab for 90 minutes as usual, then add my hops to a 90 minute boil. Is there better ways like soaking grains? Or will this method work?
  14. J

    Corny keg questions

    I have fermented a beer and a lager into 2 18l corny kegs and i was let down with a fridge and as i have been very busy all week i have been unable to get a fridge yet! I removed the two worths from the fermentation vessels after 2 weeks of fermentation and syphoned them to my corny kegs. I...
  15. J

    Gelatine in corny keg

    I have recently brewed 2 batches of beer, a lager and american ipa. I have seen recipes adding gelatine to corny kegs i was thinking it improve clarity. What are the pros and cons of this and is this method only used with lager?
  16. J

    Bottling lager

    Ive put many posts here along my first home brew journey and now i have finally kegged and bottle my first 2 brews, an american ipa and a lager. I have bottled them all using priming pellets. I started syphoning the first one and by the time i kegged 18l, there was about 5l left and a lot very...
  17. J

    Corny keg pressure

    I am currently brewing an american ipa and a lager. I have tested both and after 2 weeks of fermentation im pretty sure the ipa is at correct gravity levels, so im going to transfer to a corny keg and the remainder to bottles. I was wondering whats the recommended pressure for carbonation. I was...
  18. J


    I have started brewing two beers and made the mistake of adding my worth into a pair of fermentation buckets with no taps. So my only option is to syphon from the top of the bucket. I am syphoning two 23 litre worths into two 18 litre corny kegs. I have watched many videos on pumping the worth...
  19. J

    Corny keg second fermenter

    I am currently brewing my first two home brews one is an american ipa pale ale recommended 2 weeks fermentation. The other is a BIAB home brew lager which i have been told to ferment at a lower temoerature, and also I was not given a reccomended fermentation time on the lager. I was assuming...
  20. J

    Hop problems

    I done my first BIAB brew last week and as im a beginner I was unsure about the hop situation and assumed if I left the hops in the brew, it would create unwanted bits in my brew( not knowing about the yeast at the bottom!). So when my worth coolled for pitching my yeast 20 minutes after the...