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  1. Laurel

    Never had PBR - what to expect?

    I <3 PBR. It's better than drinking soda but don't expect it to get you drunk. One thing that I've noticed is that it really shines when you drink it out of a glass. Try it, you'll never go back to swilling it from a can. Besides, if you have it after a pint of an IPA or APA, leave a little...
  2. Laurel

    back from the dead and brewcasting

    pffffft. :p
  3. Laurel

    back from the dead and brewcasting

    so why aren't you watching?
  4. Laurel

    back from the dead and brewcasting

    I've been busy with a new job and more projects than I know what to do with. I decided to put them on hold for the day and make a brown ale. I'd love for you to come join me on my second attempt at all-grain. I'm brewcasting, and I have a nice fir tree as a background. It's very pretty. Come...
  5. Laurel

    Any bamboo growers?

    Bamboo is just as invasive here as it is elsewhere in the country if you get the take over your property kind. Clumping bamboos can be very pretty and also grow well here. Every time I need supports for anything in my yard I head over to hwmbo's parents' house and cut a bunch.
  6. Laurel

    The answer is: 11 minutes

    My dog avoids going out in the rain by staying under the covering of our covered deck but peeing on a bush. If he has to poo, he runs quickly to an area that's partially covered by a huge fir tree and partially covered by rhododendrons and poos there.
  7. Laurel

    New house? PLUS BEER ROOM???!

    Well, there are a great deal of homes on the market, just give it some time. We bought our house in September after about a month of me doing a great deal of research. There were only 4 houses that were in our price range and looked acceptable on paper. After looking at the first two that were...
  8. Laurel

    New house? PLUS BEER ROOM???!

    Do you feel that the house is worth a higher offer? Commonly with houses that get multiple offers, the seller will allow the first offerer to increase their offer, this allows the first bidder to buy the house if they want, and sparks a bidding war which gets the seller more money.
  9. Laurel

    New house? PLUS BEER ROOM???!

    I'm pretty jealous, but my beer room doubles as a guest bedroom, so it's mostly a beer closet with random brewing stuff scattered on top of the bed. The kegerator lives in the family room. Best of luck, and I agree that you need to try to collect everything before closing on the house. If not...
  10. Laurel

    I Hate Scammer Phone Calls!!!

    I've been doing reception at a real estate office, and we get the same telemarketing schemes regularly. One of the most common ones is some lady with a thick southern accent will say "A chiropractor's office here in Edmonds (a nearby town) is offering free chiropractic exams to up to 5 members...
  11. Laurel

    Bacon Vodka... The business model of the future.

    Wow. I think I may need to buy this the next time I get liquor.
  12. Laurel

    Listen to your body

    I usually have cravings for steak (when my iron is low) and broccoli (when I haven't had anything green in forever). Oh, and IPA. My body must know that I haven't been fulfilling my RDA of hops.
  13. Laurel

    Craigs list rocks and one question

    I just got $20 and someone removed a destroyed patio table from my back deck last night. Can't beat that!
  14. Laurel

    Bat Houses?

    My parents put several up on the 15 acres that I grew up on and we NEVER had any bats inhabit them. That's not to say that you won't have success, but be warned that you may not.
  15. Laurel

    First Day Quitting Smoking

    That doesn't mean that it's not a disgusting habit that doesn't negatively affect your health. There are many side affects to smoking besides cancer. My grandmother died in her 60's from lung cancer.
  16. Laurel

    Tropical fish

    I had a couple lightly planted african cichlid setups, a 75 gallon Malawi Mbuna tank, and a 29 gallon tanganyika shell/rock dweller cube. I sold them both before moving when we bought our first house.
  17. Laurel

    The Bread Bible

    I've been recommending The Bread Bible since I got it for Christmas. I adore Rose Levy Beranbaum, and if you like this, you should also look into The Cake Bible if you ever make cakes. I also think she wrote The Pastry Bible, but I don't make many pastries, so haven't looked into it. I'm glad...
  18. Laurel

    found this on ebay....

    High Life LIGHT?
  19. Laurel


    Can the smoke monster go to the second island?
  20. Laurel


    We were addicted in season 1, and when season 2 came out on DVD, we got it on netflix, and partway through, just turned off the episode and didn't have a second thought. Eventually I had some spare time and ended up watching the past episodes on the computer and I still think it's pretty...