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    what cased the cloying bitterness after dry hop

    This happened to me once when I dryhopped in a bag and decided to press the bag as I was transferring to squeeze out any additional hop flavor. Not necessarily a good idea as it tasted like you describe - like eating a hop pellet. It took 2 weeks to settle out in the keg cold before it was...
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    Bitter back end ruined my beer

    Could be infection, could be how you hopped, could be a few other things. But you didn’t really give enough detail. leave it sit for another week or so and see if it gets better or worse.
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    Dry hop when question.

    For anyone dry hopping during active fermentation, do you leave the hops in until you keg or bottle? Do you dry hop loose? That just seems like a long time to leave the hops in, but want to try it. I usually dry hop for 3-4 days then cold crash and keg, but always looking for better ways.
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    How many of you use a yeast starter?

    For ales I will typically use liquid yeast, build a 2 liter starter, decant, then split that in half. if doing a single batch, I will save half for a future batch. If doing a double batch, just split it. According to the starter calculators, this gives a boost in numbers for the current...
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    Anvil Stainless Bucket Fermentor - thoughts?

    I bought 2 of the 7.5 gallon fermenters after an infection got one of my plastic big mouth bubblers and ruined a couple of batches. I will never go back to plastic. I like these fermenters because they are lightweight and easy to carry with their fixed handles, and fairly inexpensive. Also no...