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  1. Laurel

    What do you use to filter your tap water?

    I'm willing to bet that the SoCal water quality is notably lower than water you'd find in somewhere like the PNW or Alaska.
  2. Laurel

    What do you use to filter your tap water?

    Cysts and spores are definitely terribly dangerous, especially when the wort has spent an hour boiling.
  3. Laurel

    What do you use to filter your tap water?

    Conversely stating that just because someone doesn't filter their water they will not be making good beer doesn't necessarily help many brewers either.
  4. Laurel

    What do you use to filter your tap water?

    Interesting. I happily drink water straight out of the tap. It doesn't have detectable chlorine flavor and my water district doesn't treat the water with chloramines. I am SHOCKED that you will happily judge one's ability to make decent beer by their willingness to use their own tap water...
  5. Laurel

    Partigyle - Imperial & Dry Irish stout?

    I'm interested in doing a dual-beer day, and it seems as though this may be an easier way of doing this. I'd like to make an imperial stout (and intend to eventually rack it on top of bourbon soaked oak cubes) and a dry irish stout. The fun part is that I have historically bad luck at putting...
  6. Laurel

    Alternatives to cold crashing?

    Hi Dave - If you have a portable burner, a bunch of friends are coming by to make a few batches of beer (and to eat pizza and drink beer) and you're welcome to come by and brew with us in a couple weeks. If you don't have a portable burner, you're also welcome to come by and hang out. You do...
  7. Laurel

    Sour beer newb

    Sounds interesting. I would prefer to pre-ferment with yeast in my standard carboy (I only have 1x 6.5gal carboy) and rack it off as a "standard" beer. Then all of the buggies will stay in one of my spare 5gal carboys for aging. I will look into adding the gunk from a beer we like. I imagine...
  8. Laurel

    What do you use to filter your tap water?

    We have great water in the Seattle area. In the past I treated with camden tabs, but the last (and most successful AG batch I've done) I forgot the camden this time and had no issues with anything wonky going on.
  9. Laurel

    Best use of Vanilla beans

    I have a history in food prep. Vanilla bean flavor is best extracted either via spirits or by heat. Vanilla extract is basically just split and scraped vanilla beans soaked in cheap flavorless grain alcohol. When vanilla beans are used in something like ice cream or creme brulee, they are...
  10. Laurel

    Sour beer newb

    Hello Folks! I used to post here often, but after buying a house and having a couple tries at all-grain(upgraded my setup right before buying the house - I figured that beer equip would be a low priority after we closed) flop, I kind of lost interest in brewing. A good friend is interested in...
  11. Laurel

    First Infection... maybe

    And throw out all of your racking tubes. Don't serve that out of your kegerator if you don't want to disassemble everything that touched the beer or subsequent brews to get infected.
  12. Laurel

    Killing yeast, will it help?

    Interesting. Well then. I hope that I don't have an adverse reaction. Of course if I do, then HWMBO will be pleased, a whole keg of apfelwein to himself!
  13. Laurel

    Killing yeast, will it help?

    So just add 5 campden tablets and it should help? I want to avoid affecting the flavor of the beer if at all possible. I don't think that adding sulfites is a good plan for me, I'm sensitive to them and tend to get migraines when I drink certain reds.
  14. Laurel

    Killing yeast, will it help?

    I'm planning on having a group of people over in a few weeks with digestive tracts unaccustomed to live yeast. Now we all know the result of such digestive tracts combined with homebrew. If I were to kill the yeast somehow, would the dead yeast wreak the same havoc on my home's atmosphere as...
  15. Laurel

    Moving- Brew or Stop

    I stopped brewing before we moved because I like to primary my beers for a long time. If it's going to be more than a month, I say get whatever you can brewed and kegged, because you're not going to have spare time for a while after you move. It took me a month to have time to brew after we...
  16. Laurel

    Read this before you buy from Kegkits.com

    Have you tried calling them?
  17. Laurel

    I think I overdid it...

    In Beeralchemy, the "baseline" for Perle hops AA content is 8%. That's significantly more than cascades. I'd say that the OP didn't think to do the substitution in his head or in a brewing software so ended up with a much harsher beer than expected due to the increased AA content.
  18. Laurel

    Who's who in the brewing world (with pictures).

    :drunk: BK isn't Same Calaglione. Did you read the original post?
  19. Laurel

    Has this name been used . . .

    I might consider a different font though. I imagine it's supposed to look like fumes from skunks, but it just looks grainy and hard to read.