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  1. MachineShopBrewing

    Texas Beers

    A friend is down in Texas right now and wants to bring back some beers for me. He isn't a beer guy so I don't want to send him on a wild goose chase for rare beers. I want some Jester King wild and sour beers, plus maybe something else. Any recommendations for stuff that should be easier to find?
  2. MachineShopBrewing

    ANOTHER water report.....

    yeah, I am going to join the crowd that has a few questions about the water report. pH 7.6 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est, ppm 493 Electrical Conductivity, mmho/cm 0.82 Cations / Anions, me/L 10.4 / 10.1 ppm Sodium, Na 29 Potassium, K 6 Calcium, Ca 107 Magnesium, Mg 44 Total...
  3. MachineShopBrewing

    Clear beer into fermentor with plate chiller?

    Ok. Has anyone figured out how to keep all the hop and break material in the kettle when using a pump and plate/CFC? I am going on my third brew with a new 25 gallon concord kettle. I have modified it with a valve port and I also added a tangential port for whirlpooling. I have a SS dip...
  4. MachineShopBrewing

    2 pid's and a ???

    I am working on a BOM for a slightly modified Kal clone and am wondering if anyone has found or used some kind of temp reading device instead of a PID for the MLT? Kal has three PIDs on his, but the MLT is not controlled, so this is purely to read temp. Has anyone found something just to tell...
  5. MachineShopBrewing

    Cheaper Flanged Outlets?

    Has anyone been able to find a place that sells the flanged outlets for a decent price? I have been able to find the plugs for around $10-20, but the outlets are $20+ for the 15 amp and $40+ for the 30A. That's a killer when you have $120 wrapped up in three outlets running the elements and...
  6. MachineShopBrewing

    False Bottom for Concord Kettles?

    Hey, what is everyone using for false bottoms in the 100 qt ebay concord kettles? I am planning an E-HERMS with three of the 100 qt kettles and need some recommendations for a good false bottom for the mash tun.
  7. MachineShopBrewing

    Looking for an e-brew pro

    Hey all, I am wanting to go all electric soon and am looking at getting a 25 gallon kettle that will be electric fired with 5500W element, and also building an electric HLT HERMS setup. I am a CNC machinist and am looking for someone who may want to trade my machining work for their...
  8. MachineShopBrewing

    Looking for a computer animator

    I am looking for someone who has the ability to do some cartoony computer animation for some promo clips for a brewery in planning. Something along the lines of what you find on albino blacksheep. Hopefully we can find someone local to the Minneapolis area if possible. We wouldn't be able to...
  9. MachineShopBrewing

    Need help from a Portlander.

    Those of you from Portland. Where would you go from the places on this list? Hopworks Urban Brewery - 2944 SE Powell Blvd, Portland Upright Brewing Company - 240 N Broadway St, Suite 002, Portland Laurelwood Pizza Co. (closed) - 1728 NE 40th Ave, Portland Hair of the Dog Brewing Company...
  10. MachineShopBrewing

    New Products

    If you could have one new product manufactured that is not currently manufactured, what would it be? What problem would you solve with the new product? Just curious to get some new ideas that people have come up with to solve everyday brewing problems.
  11. MachineShopBrewing

    oxygen permeability of plastic

    I don't know why the hell I do this kind of stuff and stir up the usual HBT flamers, but here goes anyway. I read an article that I thought was interesting and I thought I would share it. I want to make a couple of things clear from the get-go: 1. Yes, lots of people ferment in buckets and do...
  12. MachineShopBrewing

    Midwest Grain Mill update

    I just want to state that Midwest Supplies has replaced the rollers in their grain mill and it is really working well now. I promised that I would update on the previous thread that I started when the mill was fixed. I was in last night to pick up some malt for a batch of bitter and I got the...
  13. MachineShopBrewing

    Midwest Supplies Grain Mill- Read before ordering!

    Just to let everyone know who buys from Midwest Supplies, our club has been having trouble with the crush from their mill. One of our club members took a set of feeler gauges in there today and checked the gap and it was .065" on the tightest setting. We have been getting horrible efficiencies...
  14. MachineShopBrewing

    Polyclar 730

    Does anyone know of a place that sells polyclar 730 to homebrewers?
  15. MachineShopBrewing

    Tri-Clover blueprint

    I did a little searching on this, but couldn't come up with anything. Does anyone have a good blueprint or drawing for tri-clover fittings, or know where to find one? A solid model would work also. I am a machinist and would like to make some if I could find some drawings for the pieces. I...
  16. MachineShopBrewing

    exotic sugars

    Anyone in the Minneapolis area know a good store to buy exotic sugars from? Or, if not, does anyone have a good website to buy them from?
  17. MachineShopBrewing

    Belgian Dark with wine

    I am starting to think about building a Belgian Dark Strong recipe using a can of something like Alexanders grape concentrate as some of the fermentables. Any of you wine guys or beer guys have some ideas as to the best grape to use? I was thinking maybe Pinot or something. I'm not really a...
  18. MachineShopBrewing

    2011 Boneyard Brewoff

    Did anyone attend the BUZZ brewoff on Saturday? Any news on results or when they will get posted? I tried contacting them for the last couple of weeks to see if they would make a twitter stream during the awards part to post winners, but it seems this club is more concerned with hanging out...
  19. MachineShopBrewing

    How much pickling lime in a tsp?

    Does anyone know approx how many grams of pickling lime are in a tsp? My scale resolution only goes down to 1 gram and no tenths place.
  20. MachineShopBrewing

    Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown Ale Clone

    Does anyone have any information on how to go about brewing this beer. There is a tremendous lack of information regarding this one. Things I can speculate about it: Yeast- WLP002(house strain from the BN CYBI shows) Hops- Simcoe, Centennial?, Amarillo? ?? Malt- 2-row, Munich...