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  1. olie

    Regulators: CO2, N2, O2, Beer gas -- same-same?

    Assuming that the low-pressure side adjusts to the value-ranges I want, is there any reason not to use something sold as an O2 regulator on my CO2 tank, the sold-as CO2 regulator on my N2 tank, etc? I'm thinking that they're all just gas-pressure regulators and sold as CO2 or O2 in an attempt...
  2. olie

    Vorlauf with recirculated mash?

    In reading about the vorlauf process, it seems that a recirculating mash is pretty-much just constant vorlauf for the entire mash time -- am I right about that? If so, then is it also true that there's no need to vorlauf at the end of a recirculation mash, just lauter & sparge, yes? Or am I...
  3. olie

    How to calculate PSI for line-length?

    I see a zillion answers for how to calculate the right line length for a given pressure, but that's not what I need. I have a line length, and I need to know what PSI to put behind it to get the pour I want. Example: It's 2.5' (30") up from keg to tap. (Ooo, does this change as the keg gets...
  4. olie

    Why do we sparge with hot water?

    My understanding is that we want to sparge with hot (180-190°) water "...in order to stop all enzyme activity". But why? All this wort is headed to the boil pot where, in just a few minutes, it's going to be boiling, anyway. And it's not like mashing for an extra 30 min (let's say) hurts...
  5. olie

    Reasonable source for malted buckwheat?

    I've not been able to find many sources for malted buckwheat, and the couple I have found want over $4/lb for the stuff -- is that right?! Do any of y'all have a reliable, reasonable source? Thanks! ~Ted
  6. olie

    Weird dots & dashes on Inkbird display.

    Went to fire up my inkbird today and it's got some "extra lights" on the display -- 3 dots over 2 dashes. It's correctly showing the set temp (59°F) and the current temp (76.6*F), but these dots & dashes are new to me. The unit is a couple of years old and has been used maybe a dozen times...
  7. olie

    Walk me through force-carb with Nitro "beer gas" (75/25)

    Ok, I've got my tank all carbed up using 75/25 (N/CO2) beer gas at 35psi. Now I want to understand how to get it from there into a bottle. * Lower tank pressure to __?__ serving/bottling pressure while in cooler? * On Bottling day, apply __?__ psi of { beer gas?, CO2? } to the tank for...
  8. olie

    Stuck, then late, then warm fermentation -- am I screwed?

    Made a batch 2 weekends ago per normal recipe, everything seemed normal. Proofed the yeast, it seemed fine (bubbling aggressively). Cooled to normal temp (59°) and pitched. Checked the next day, it seemed to be barely going (typical is vigorously blooping by next morning). Checked the...
  9. olie

    Monster Mill 3 adjustment (MM3)

    Took my MM3 apart for a thorough cleaning and set the gap on the "front" (grain-exit) side for 0.038 (both sides, even). Wanted to check that my crush looked reasonable. Here's some 2-row that I ran through to test. Does that look about right? Thoughts? Advice? Etc? Thanks!
  10. olie

    New microscope & yeast -- help verify what I'm seeing.

    Just got a new microscope, pretty happy with it. ~$265 on Amazon, if anyone's interested. I've looked at a few tutorials, and a couple of threads here on HBT, so I think I have the gist of it. I haven't set up to count, yet -- these are just 1st-time pix so that I can verify that I'm able to...
  11. olie

    Sanke snap rings: Y U sometimes just no snap?!

    Most of the time when I disassemble (I do ~1:10 for deep-cleaning, but sometimes for in-keg additions, too), the snap rings just pop right out and snap right back in, "as God and Mr. Sanke intended". However, every once in a while, I get one that just won't snap back into place, and I can't...
  12. olie

    [Washing] are Porter/Stout yeasts darker color?

    I've begun experimenting with yeast harvesting & washing. My pales separate nicely and leave a nice, white, creamy yeast. However, three separate collections of yeast from porter & stouts have resulted in what appears to me to be a much browner yeast layer. I think. ...Or do I just need to...
  13. olie

    Is Crystal ##L beer coloring [mostly] linear?

    Like the title says... So, I've got this recipe that calls for X pounds of Crystal-Y malt for coloring. I want to sub-out half the Crystal for rye -- which adds almost no color. The other characteristics (change in OG/FG/ABV) are "close enough". So my question is: If I substitute { 0.5X...
  14. olie

    A man with two clocks...*

    Been using my glass hydrometer with great success for a couple of years when I finally got a Tilt, which I love... ...But... It reads about .005 off from my glass one. "A man with two hydrometers is never quite sure of his gravity." ;) So, the Tilt can be calibrated, in much the same way...
  15. olie

    Can I make "bitter water" to add hops after the fact?

    So, funny* story... ----- * It'd be funnier if it happened to someone else ;) Anyway... I made a double-batch (actually: scaled up to 12gal for my 1/2bbl fermentor) of my widely-liked "Dirty Blonde" Ale, but didn't double the bittering hops. What I'm left with is a beer that "only a brewer...
  16. olie

    Wort filtering before chilling?

    TL;DR: What is your process for wort-filtering before chilling? I'm looking at counterflow & plate chillers. (Not looking for advice there -- yet! That'll be a different thread, when the time comes. Focus! ;) ) It seems to me that, for any chiller that the wort flows through -- i.e., not an...
  17. olie

    When scaling up, still boil half wort and add water?

    For 5, 6, 10 & 12 gallon batches, a typical recipe has us boiling approximately half the finished quantity, then adding (pre-boiled & cooled to sterilize) water to the desired finished qty/OG. Ex: 5 gallon batch: boil 3 gallons of wort, end-up with ~2.5 gallons, add water to 5 gallons and/or...
  18. olie

    How to get carbonic acid taste out of my stout?

    So, I made a stout that I really enjoy, sort of. I was great after fermentation, and I was really excited but, on carbonation (admittedly, a tad too much), it took on a strong carbonic-acid (like seltzer water) taste. The foam is still really good -- lots of dark, slightly chocolaty stout...
  19. olie

    Looking for already-labeled bottles

    So, I've found bulk bottles (~47¢ @ 5 cases, ~21¢ @ 2200, if you're looking to group-buy :) ), and I've found bulk labels where I upload my own art (depending on size, I'm looking in the 10.5¢ range for 3x5.75" @ 1000), and I've found bottle-labeling machines to rent... But what I'm looking for...
  20. olie

    Stainless Quick Disconnects for tap hoses.

    I'm looking to add stainless quick disconnects to my taps, and also on the beer & CO2 lines. All I've been able to find are the plastic "corny" style disconnects. Anyone got a line on something they recommend? Thanks! ~Ted