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  1. JonK331

    Go SF Giants!!!

    Yeah go Giants!
  2. JonK331

    I have to share.....

  3. JonK331

    Brew Kettle as an HLT?

    Yes that'll work just fine.
  4. JonK331

    My new Memphis Select pellet grill

    Damn all you guys! Now I really want one of these. I had a long talk with a Traeger salesman in Costco a couple weeks back but didn't end up buying one because of the searing issue. Sounds like you can get one that will do that for more money. These things look awesome. Thanks for the thread.
  5. JonK331

    starter overflow

    Dude - you're over thinking this. There is PLENTY of healthy yeast in your starter. Don't worry about losing a little bit. Sounds like you got a very healthy ferment in your starter so just pitch what you have. I promise you that your batch will ferment just fine. However, I don't believe...
  6. JonK331

    Help me improve my palate

    Exposing yourself to more non-beer aromas and flavors will make it easier to pick out what you're tasting. For example, it would be very hard if not impossible to pick a rosemary or thyme flavor out of a food dish if you've never tasted/smelled those herbs before. Try to expose yourself to...
  7. JonK331

    Thoughts on this Pumpkin recipe

    I wouldn't use that much Victory without mashing. It contains quite a bit of starch that won't convert. There's also starch in the pumpkin. Also, I don't really like vanilla with my pumpkin flavors. Using whole spices is also better, Radical Brewing (Mosher) has some great advice on this...
  8. JonK331

    craziest fermenter ever

    That thing is awesome. Get it.
  9. JonK331

    should you use a wort chiller

    For full boils yes it absolutely does. You will find people that will argue that using the "no chill method" works to make decent beer but you will not find a professional brewery that does this. If you are doing partial boils there are some other options. I used to freeze whole gallons of...
  10. JonK331

    I boiled with the kettle covered.

    If you're just doing extract then there's no worry about DMS. It has already been boiled off during the making of the extract. If you actually conducted a mash (didn't just use steeping grains) then it might be more of an issue. Even if you do have some residual DMS, the beer will most likely...
  11. JonK331

    Base Malt Question!!!!!

    I also really like Rahr. Its sort of in between American 2 row and Maris Otter.
  12. JonK331

    Roll the dice?

    If you already know they good and you like them then why enter them in a competition? All you'll get are some numbers created by someone that may or may not know what they are doing. Waste of beer IMO. Just drink them up and enjoy them yourself.
  13. JonK331

    How much headspace is acceptable in secondary?

    Just leave it in the primary as Bensiff said. Worries of autolysis have been defunct.
  14. JonK331

    differneces in when to put in malt extract

    This is a good article on the subject: http://baderbrewing.com/content/boil-hops
  15. JonK331

    Victory grains.

    What was your mash temp and duration? The enzymes in the 2-row would have converted all of the starches in the victory.
  16. JonK331

    Gordon Biersch

    GB is originally from Palo Alto, CA. I've been to their original location on numerous occasions as well as the SF and SJ locations. Both their food and their beer is decent but not spectacular. Definitely nice to have around but also could be much better.
  17. JonK331

    When to D-Rest

    I personally wait until the krausen falls.
  18. JonK331

    Bottle now, prime later?

    Sure but if you use the right amount of sugar and your beer is properly finished fermenting there is no risk of explosion. Might as well get it started. It takes a good two weeks to carbonate.
  19. JonK331

    All grain mash, partial boil?

  20. JonK331

    Cara pils??

    Carapils is a crystal malt. Adding it will add unfermentable sugars. If you are going for dry stout I wouldn't add it. It will increase your final gravity.