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  1. Dr Vorlauf

    Online TV

    I want to ditch satellite TV in the worst way. I have Netflicks and would use Hulu. My problem is that I need access to Korean language shows and I haven't had any luck finding a set up that would work for me. :mad: EDIT: Anyone using those new TV antennas for HD local? They look cool.
  2. Dr Vorlauf

    Manchester United.

    A paraphrase of an old Rodney Dangerfield joke: I once went to a fight (boxing ) and a hockey game broke out... Guess you could replace Hockey with Soccer
  3. Dr Vorlauf

    Swmbo troubles.

    Medication for him.... Happy pills Who wouldn't want a brewing wife? Madness I tells ya.
  4. Dr Vorlauf

    The Little Man @ 2 Months

    Totally a beautiful kid. Makes me long for when my two monsters were the same age ( I mean my sweet kids)
  5. Dr Vorlauf

    Somebody pooped in my oatmeal

    Did you prime bottles with it?
  6. Dr Vorlauf

    Bucks Co. Teen Injured By Exploding Keg

    Utter stupidity. What are the chances that they were the ones who drained the keg before throwing it onto a fire?
  7. Dr Vorlauf

    Interview skills

    Relax do your best and ask for the job.
  8. Dr Vorlauf

    Interview skills

    Aside from preparing for typical interview questions do your research on the company. You should know what they are about and why you would want to work there... Also you need to have a close at the end of the interview. Shake hands with the interviewer on the way out and say something...
  9. Dr Vorlauf

    Family Tree

    Did you use an online service? I have often thought about doing this. very coll that you got the pics of your great grandparents.
  10. Dr Vorlauf

    Light truck vs. minivan..?

    You could get the mini van and borrow and/or rent a truck when needed.
  11. Dr Vorlauf

    Fall back on your mortgage and the Govt rewards you.......

    I think that this whole bailout is the biggest theft in history. People like Paulson giving money without any accounting ( gee you give someone 25 billion you would at least expect a receipt !). Biggest theft in history and even more insulting its happening in plain sight and no one cares.
  12. Dr Vorlauf

    Old TV shows - would you watch them today?

    Yep. The weird telephone booth thing. Haven't seen it in at least 20+ years.
  13. Dr Vorlauf

    No poppy beer for you! Seven years!

    Should have kept his mouth shut. Don't these douchegysers ( the Poo leece ) have anything better to do than bust someone for this "crime"? I guess there were no bank robbers or murders to command their attention.
  14. Dr Vorlauf

    1 Trillion dollar bailout

    The fact that the government forced mortgage companies to make loans to those who did not qualify is infuriating. Even worse that the inflation that we are seeing now is what I see in my business ( call it a leading indicator industry ). I have seen prices go up on some materials by 400 %...
  15. Dr Vorlauf

    How to not look ignorant in Europe

    Keep your wallet and passport in your front pocket and you will be fine. I personally spent most of my time in Europe on business so the dress issue didn't make me stand out completely. Watch out for kids bumping into you in public spaces as the pickpockets like this distraction. Having said...
  16. Dr Vorlauf

    If you mamma was Sarah Palin...

    Khaki Salmon Palin ......
  17. Dr Vorlauf

    Looky What I Got! M-37!!

    +1 Would love a Sherman as I suspect that an M-60 or M1 would be $$$ to maintain. Plus I love WWII stuff... MI Garands, brass knuckles, jump knives Would love that truck as well...
  18. Dr Vorlauf


    I have the same one ! Haven t shot a turkey in a few years too busy ... well boiling things.. barley.. yeast Time flies
  19. Dr Vorlauf

    This week's thought provoking graph.

    This thread is awesome ! Encourages me not to be so pithy.
  20. Dr Vorlauf


    Congrats. Start sleeping now you will need to store up. Wish I has twins, my kids are 7 years apart. Actually I don't its fun this way too