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  1. FenoMeno

    Too late to start a rest?

    I started fermentation ten days ago and hit FG after day four. In the past I did a diacetyl rest After secondary. Now I'm researching a bit more and see many guys are starting the rest from 50-80% of expected FG. As I've already hit terminal five days ago, is it still worth bringing up for...
  2. FenoMeno

    Will oak flavor dissipate with age?

    I've made a Firestone Walker Double Barrel ale. I just kegged and tasted the beer. It had a pleasant taste, but definitely too oakey for my liking. I used the medium toast chips per the recipe (morebeer kit). The chips went into the conical five days before the end of secondary. However...
  3. FenoMeno

    Dip tube diffusing stone

    I had purchased a dip tube with a 0.5-micron diffusion carb stone on the bottom of it. I see the stones that hang from the bottom of the keg lid, and that after carb'ing, to switch the gas line to the normal IN for serving. This is not an option for me unless I open the keg and disassemble the...
  4. FenoMeno

    Gunk on sidewalls of keg above beer

    Ale had been in the keg carb'ing for two weeks. I took off lid to put in my dry hop charge and noticed some gunk on the inside of the keg lid. I also noticed this same stuff (looks like caramel colored sawdust) on the walls of the keg. I tilted the keg to see the walls beneath the top of the...
  5. FenoMeno

    Homebrew = Sticky pint glass

    Ok, weird thing I've noticed about my homebrew. Especially when drinking my kegged beer I notice the glass gets more sticky than a commercial beer. If I pour a pint with a nice head, and nice lacing I am happy. However, that lace sticks around long after the pint is in my belly. Also, it...
  6. FenoMeno

    Rust removal from Keg

    So I made a keg-o-brew for a buddy's wedding--also some bottled flip tops. I left earlier than the finishing and forgot to go back for the keg. So it's been a couple years and, hey, what happened to my keg??? I go to retrieve and when I open it, it had a couple broken flip-top bottles in...
  7. FenoMeno

    Keg Carb temp vs. serving temp

    When using a carb'ing chart, should I be using PSI setting for the lowest temp I carb at (31*F) or my pouring temp of 38*? Current method is crash cooling beer to 30'ish, transfer to keg and using the chart for that temp, wait about a week. Then bring up to serving temp and revisit chart for...
  8. FenoMeno

    Tap vs. distilled for calibration

    When calibrating my Refractometer and taking note of my Hydrometer, how important is it to use distilled water? I noticed via brew software that temps within 5* give the same results, so I was wondering if tap would be in a close enough window for this.
  9. FenoMeno

    Ranco failed, help me save face with friends

    Background: I bought a new conical and my friends offer to buy all the ingredients and spend an afternoon brewing with me. They also popped for the beer and brats that day for use of my equip. Brewing day goes flawlessly. Pitched 2 packs US-05 into 12.5 gal SNPA clone @ 64*. Ferm raises...
  10. FenoMeno

    Broken Gear

    I decided this week to clean and organize my garage brewery: Day 1: Broken glass Carboy Day 1 (evening): Smashed end of my RV type water inlet hose Day 2: Pulled chord end out of Temp controller (by tugging too hard) Dy 2 evening: 200mL starter flask finds the floor Day 2 late night...
  11. FenoMeno

    yeast starters as generations

    If I am using one WLP vial to build up to a 6000 ml starter for my lager, do I count each "build up" as a generation in the same way I would after using in the actual beer? If so, should I still consider about five generations about the max before I dump and buy more? (my starters are around...
  12. FenoMeno

    Flow and priming my LG 3md-hc

    On a thread about March pumps, FSR402 wrote to the OP: "Looking at your picture I would say that the problem is with the pickup tube, ball valve and the two 90* fittings. The 90* fittings are what's killing you the most. Lose the fittings and try a bit longer hose to allow it to flow smoother."...
  13. FenoMeno

    Any updates on Blichmann Tower o Power?

    The Blichmann website doesn't look to have been updated recently, Any updates on Blichmann Tower o Power availability? Any word on approx cost?
  14. FenoMeno

    Cheers to Northern Brewer

    On a business trip to Minneapolis a couple Saturdays ago, I decided to stop down to the Northern Brewer Showroom for my first time....WOW! This was the best brew shop experience I have had. Not only was the shop organized nicely showing all the products, but the service was exceptional...
  15. FenoMeno

    Late harvested hops useable?

    I have a hop garden with 16 plants that went great. (2nd year) 20+ feet and great yield! However.... I broke my foot this summer and was not able to harvest until a week ago. Most all the hops were brown and very dry; however, If I break them open they still have all the good ol' yellow...
  16. FenoMeno

    Chudnow CO2 Regulator rebuild

    I got a hold of 2 chudnow regulators... they were leaking air out of the hole near the adjustment screw on the face of the regulator. I took them apart and saw that one had the rubber diaphram facing inward with the metal disk on top, and the other had the disk down and rubber on top...
  17. FenoMeno

    Rollers on MM-3 mills

    The Crankie's say the third adjustable roller has a smoother knurl to prevent husk damage. Anyone know if the Monsters have this as well?
  18. FenoMeno

    advantage of geared mill rollers?

    I see the J&P MaltMill has an option of geared rollers for the mill. It is a fairly inexpensive upgrade. C&S, MM, and most others only have one driven and "free rollers"...what is the advantage of gear rollers, and if there is, why are the other companies offering that option?
  19. FenoMeno

    mill roller size for low rpm

    My motor will be direct gear reduced to 152 rpm. Was going to order a 3 roller 1.5" mill, but after reading many of the threads on size, I am under the impression I may be better off with 2" rollers for the slower rpm. If so, I would be switching to a 2 roller 2". ( my price range) Is there...
  20. FenoMeno

    Starter Wort Issues

    Interesting night :( Went to make my starter for a lager I was brewing on tues. I wanted to try two new techniques I read about online. I was making two 2 liter starters, and trying two different methods... 1) Put DME in Erlenmeyer, fill to 2000ml, boil right in vessel The DME would...