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  1. triskelion

    Bubbling for over a month

    Just did a small batch pilsner smash and noticed it bubbling in the demijohns for a very long time. Did a gravity reading and it had definitely finished up but it was still bubbling like crazy, this is over a month in primary. I bottled and primed with dextrose today. I got a mentos and coke...
  2. triskelion

    Bottling Temperature

    About to bottle a few demijohns. I've currently got them lagering at -1*C (30*F). Should I raise them to room temperature first or bottle them as they are? Does it matter?
  3. triskelion

    Smash Blonde Ale

    I'm thinking of doing a quick and easy crowd pleaser beer, sort of pilsner inspired blonde ale. 23L batch 4Kg Lager malt 40g Tettnanger (1.9%) 60 mins 80g Tettnanger (1.9%) 20 mins 80g Tettnanger (1.9%) 6 mins Mangrove jacks M44 1.047 OG 1.011 FG 25 IBU 4.7% not sure if I'll...
  4. triskelion

    counterflow chiller shape

    Hi all. I'm useing a pretty standard looking helix shaped counterflow chiller and it works great. The problem with it is that it takes up a lot of vertical space, meaning that my kettle is very high and slightly impractical because of that. Has anyone made a flat spiral shaped cfc? It would...
  5. triskelion

    beer going flat

    Hi all, I have a couple of bottled beers (helles and an aletobrefest) that have been in the bottles for nearly a year and most of them have started going flat. They had a nice carbonation level after a few months but it's definitely decreasing. I have a mix of glass, capped bottles and coopers...
  6. triskelion

    Here's my water report, now what do I do?

    Just got my water report: calcium:72 magnesium: not measured (said water hardness is mainly from calcium) carbonate:180 (bicarbonate ~220, correct me if i'm wrong) sulphate: 110 sodium:19 chloride:19 ph: 7.5 I want to brew mostly pale ales and lagers. I don't fully understand what...
  7. triskelion

    Should I give away my beer?

    Just curious about others experiences with handing out your homebrew to acquaintances, work colleagues etc. I have always kept bottles for close friends, guests or gifts if I'm invited to a party. Some colleagues have been asking to try some for a while but I wouldn't say that they're not close...
  8. triskelion

    wheat. when is it appropriate to use?

    I've made a few light and malty beers that have various amounts of wheat in them, it gives good lacing and some head retension in my experience. They have come out with an astringent taste, I think astringent is the correct term. However the taste is covered if it is a hoppy beer or has esters...
  9. triskelion

    Think I may have bottle bombs...

    Its back to the beginners forum for me, after this blunder! Just bottled a half batch of kolsch using a full amount of dextrose to prime. Comes out at 4.2 volume of co2. What now?
  10. triskelion

    What's your green beer like?

    Just curious, who tastes their green beer and how much of an indication is it of the finished product? Is it a better indication with some styles than others? My helles is in its diacetyl rest at the minute and it tastes very like becks, hard to tell yet but I think 20 ibu was too much, I...
  11. triskelion

    Best way to use multiple hop varieties?

    my favorate ipa, I haven't tried many as they're hard to come by here believe it or not, is brew dog's punk ipa. I like it because I can pick out about four distinct hop flavours. any of my ipas are not like this, the flavours all sort of blend into one and I wouldn't be able to identify them by...
  12. triskelion

    Effective lagering temperature range.

    Average temperature in my garage at the minute is about 7*C-8*C (45*f-46*f). Great for the batch of helles that I've got started but I wonder if It will do anything at all for the lagering stage, given time. I have a small batch of kolsch lagering at the minute, I can put some very cold salt...
  13. triskelion

    yeast storage

    I'd like to reduce how much I spend on liquid yeast by reusing it. the thing is, I probably wouldn't use a fairly specialist yeast like kolsch very often. so what are my options for long term yeast storage? can I freeze a washed yeast?
  14. triskelion

    Low alcohol pale ale, Improvements?

    I attempted to brew a low alcohol beer a few months ago. 50% pale rye 50% maris otter OG: 1.022 FG: 1.011 11 IBU of galaxy from one 20 minute addition and a whole load of galaxy for dry hops. 1.5% ABV It's too not bad. There's not enough body, and the bitterness is just right for what...
  15. triskelion

    Another impossibly high efficiency

    what's wrong with my efficiency calculations? I pitched 15.5L of wort on top of 2L of yeast cake, from an ipa that finished at 1.011 using mangrove jacks british ale yeast. Grainbill was 500g maris otter and 500g pale rye malt. I measured the OG as 1.022. I'm attempting a low alcohol beer...
  16. triskelion

    96% efficiency

    I made this recipe expecting 85% efficiency and apparently ended up with 96%. 12L batch 2.5Kg maris otter single infusion 67*C BIAB expected og 1.053 measured og 1.060 measured gravity after pitching pitched at around 16*C. could anything be wrong with my reading? is anybody else getting...
  17. triskelion

    Help me with helles grain bill

    Winter is coming up so i'm hoping to use this opportunity to make a batch of helles. I haven't made this style before and I have not used pilsner, munich, vienna, carapils or melanodin malt before, either. It would be great if it turned out something like paulaner helles. I've heard other...
  18. triskelion

    could all of this be trub?

    recipe: 3L batch 400g light dme 400g dark crystal malt 18tsp cocoa powder 5g willamette (80mins) 3g mangrove jacks british ale yeast (rehydrated) I scraped the sides of the demiohn with a sanitised spoon, thinking that it was just stuck to the sides, I think it goes the whole way...
  19. triskelion

    fridge clearance stout

    Just used up all my malt and most appropriate hops for an extract brew with some steeping grains. 3L batch 400g light dme 400g dark crystal malt 18tsp cocoa powder 5g willamette (80mins) 3g mangrove jacks british ale yeast (rehydrated) I was going for 15 IBU and 1.048 but the cocoa...
  20. triskelion

    still confused about crystal malt

    I'm not really a complete beginner but I feel like one asking this. how does steeping crystal malt work? does it add fermentable gravity points? I'm trying to use up my left over malt, I have some light dme and dark crystal, so no base malt. From what I've read, steeping crystal malt adds...