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  1. SkiSoloII

    Beer Recipator

    I stopped brewing for a number of years, and always had great success using the Beer Recipator. Looking to make a couple of my old recipes. I found it on the HBD site, but I can't get it to work, and it seems it hasn't been working for a number of years. I've still got some of my recipes in...
  2. SkiSoloII

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Please sign me up as well!
  3. SkiSoloII

    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    I am in. I am so in!
  4. SkiSoloII

    Child Labor and who else is guilty?!?

    My girls (8&10) have helped me in most of the operations - hop additions, hop harvest, grinding grain, bottling, racking, etc. The older one was going through catechism a few years ago. They were talking about making bread. The teacher was talking about milled grains, yeast, etc. My daughter...
  5. SkiSoloII

    Alabama vote.

    Heck, I do 12 gallons on a single brew day - sometimes 18 if I do a second 6gallon batch. I guess I'd have to wait 3 months to pitch the 2nd brew. :(
  6. SkiSoloII

    How many batches of home brew do you have under your belt

    Filled up a steno pad. Then got lazy. Just started doing the recipe development on the computer. Not really comparing old to new. I just save each recipe as I make it, and write a new one, even if I rebrew. That way, I have a date record of the last edit. I do mostly 11-12 gallon batches now...
  7. SkiSoloII

    Dumping my remaining 45 bottles

    Use good gloves during the process. Hate to dump if taste is OK. Perhaps chill well to get CO2 into suspension? Dave
  8. SkiSoloII

    How fast do you brew

    10g in 6 hours, Fly sparging, 60 min boil, immersion chill. 8 hours if I add another 5g batch - kind of in parallel using the same mash tun, but a different boil kettle. Water is measured out the night before, grains weighed and ground, salts weighed out. Dave
  9. SkiSoloII

    How many gallons of Homebrew in 2012?

    12 gallons Kölsch. 10074 +12 = 10086
  10. SkiSoloII

    Trying a Kölsch today...

    I haven't done many delicate, light beers. Unfortunately, I was planning to use Munich, but I ran out and had to sub Vienna. Probably more traditional anyway, eh? Let me know what you think, and I'll let you know how it turns out. Dave Rusty Kölsch Vienna Brewer: Rusty Kettle...
  11. SkiSoloII

    Alabama vote.

    Bump? Dave
  12. SkiSoloII

    Alabama vote.

    So, what's happening with the vote on legalizing homebrew in Alabama? Dave
  13. SkiSoloII

    If you were a beer what style would you be?

    Thinking about it, the "Imperial American Porter" would probably be more of a Black American IPA, wouldn't it? Damn, I hate labels. Dave
  14. SkiSoloII

    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    I voted on this ages ago, but I'm Automotive! Dave
  15. SkiSoloII

    Bucket lid popped off and brew in airlock.

    Irish stout for a first brew? No wonder! Congrats, and welcome to the obsession! Dave
  16. SkiSoloII

    Brew kettle

    What are you looking for? Homebrewing.org carries keggles; lots of online places carry Blichmann, Polarware, Bayou classic cooker (my fave), etc. Wally world and others carry lots of inexpensive 5gal stainless stockpots. I recommend Stainless steel. You'll wish you had one in the long run...