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  1. myerstyson

    Arugula Saison Experiment

    Yes, very interested. How'd it go? Also, could you get the peppery taste of Arugula simply by fermenting the Saison warm? (I think it is warm for peppery saisons.) Or how about "cheating" and adding black peppercorn to the end of the boil?
  2. myerstyson

    S'more beer

    So what was your final recipe, if you don't mind sharing?
  3. myerstyson

    adding cider to beer, bad idea?

    At an Irish pub in Berlin I used to order a Guinness with a "shot" of cider. Yummy.
  4. myerstyson

    My roses love my trub!! Lol

    I dump mine on my roses and grapes.
  5. myerstyson

    What's a better capper?

    Bench capper all the way. Ruined a batch thinking my porter bottles were properly capped with a wing capper. 4 weeks later tasted the oxygenation.
  6. myerstyson

    Eliminating Secondary Fermenter

    Is the question how to get rid of using a secondary? Simple: Don't rack to secondary.
  7. myerstyson

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    9674 gallons + 5 gallons of porter = 9679 gallons
  8. myerstyson

    Brewing using Birch twigs and leaves + other trees. Is it safe?

    There is birch vodka out there. You could always add that to the bottling bucket. No worries about the branches or leaves! Some trees' leaves can be bad when using too much. In survival school, the instructors mentioned pine needle tea, but said you can not use too much or else you'll get very...
  9. myerstyson

    Red White and Blue Independence Day Beer

    I do an IPA a couple times a year with hibiscus in it. I've done it with 2oz and 4oz (both at 15 left in the boil). Both have tasted great, and both were red. Interestingly, all my American friends who tried it loved it but couldn't identify the "spice." My Indian (subcontinent) friend took...
  10. myerstyson

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    8994.5 gallons + 5.5 gallons of pale ale = 9000 gallons!
  11. myerstyson

    Water or Vodka for Airlock?

    Vodka everytime. A liter bottle of okay-tasting-perfect-for-airlock vodka here costs three bucks. I'd rather use that than Star-san.
  12. myerstyson

    Dry version of Tennessee Whiskey Yeast (White Labs #WLP050)

    @Double_D, Austin homebrew said "likely the CO2 throwing off the hydrometer reading." I had never heard of that. Have you?
  13. myerstyson

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    8330 gallons +5 gallons of Belgian Golden = 8335. For the record, I think jmill thinks this thread is just for how many gallons he's brewed this year. @jmill, this thread totals all the gallons we've all done this year.
  14. myerstyson

    Dry version of Tennessee Whiskey Yeast (White Labs #WLP050)

    Holy Jesus, WTF is going on? Yesterday must have been a fluke, but holy Toledo, today it read 1.001!!
  15. myerstyson

    Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies

    OK, did it today with my golden ale. Holy crap, that lid gets hot!
  16. myerstyson

    Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies

    Anyone considered pour the hot wort into the Brew Bucket and chilling in there, instead of chilling in the kettle then transferring?
  17. myerstyson

    Dry version of Tennessee Whiskey Yeast (White Labs #WLP050)

    OK, so I did the KC on 1 May. Today (14 May here) I took a gravity. I think I have a problem. The original gravity was 1.049. Today I got 1.030. Is my fermentation stuck? This is the yeast I used, link here. Here's the description: Should I add another packet of a different yeast (I have...
  18. myerstyson

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    7638 + 5 gallons of Maibock = 7643
  19. myerstyson

    Honey in brewing

    I take the honey, which I buy from the local market in a place called "Доктор мед" or "Doctor Honey." A big multi-use spoon dipped into a plastic bucket, which pulls out delicious and beautiful honey. For carbonating, I put the requisite...