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  1. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Solo Owner's Thread

    Best of luck on your next brew day!!
  2. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Solo Owner's Thread

    Sorry about the trouble! We highly recommend turning the element off when mashing in and then letting the mash rest for about 5-10mins. This allows the grain to absorb the liquid and prevents stuck mashes. I've brewed about 10 times over the last couple months and have not had a stuck mash. A...
  3. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro: Yeast strain tests to add complexity to your beer

    Yeast is one of the most overlooked elements that contribute to the aroma and flavor profiles of your beers. In our latest Ask A Pro, Charlie Gottenkieny, brewmaster at Bruz Beers, shares techniques for using multiple yeasts to enhance the overall character of your beers. Get his advice through...
  4. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro: Do you aerate your wort?

    A former homebrewer, and now brewmaster and co-founder of Brewster Bros. Brewing Co., James Stirn stresses the importance of adding oxygen before fermentation. Get the why, when and how from James in our next Ask A Pro! Link to full article...
  5. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Spotlight: David T.

    After brewing his two first extract batches, David T. was hooked. Since then he has joined a homebrew club, set forth on a never-ending series of improvements and has won countless awards for his beer. Check out his advice and homebrewing stories in our next Spike Spotlight! Follow the link...
  6. SpikeBrewing

    Another Brew Kettle Thread..... which one?

    We should have stock left. Once the v3’s are gone they are gone forever. They are ‘new-old’ stock.
  7. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro! Water Chemistry!

    Intimidated by water chemistry? We have a pro that can help! Ethan Tsai, Quality Control Manager at Tivoli Brewing Company, shares the importance of water chemistry and advice on how you can purify your water with our latest Ask A Pro. Link to full article...
  8. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Spotlight: Traveling Circus Brewing!

    “It’s possible to make great beer if you are patient, learn from others, experiment, and just enjoy the process.” See how Brant, Mike, Dave and Matt joined forces to create Traveling Circus Brewing! URL: https://spikebrewing.com/blogs/spike-spotlight/traveling-circus-brewing Be sure to...
  9. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Spotlight: A Toronto Police Officer!

    As a Toronto police officer, Mike V. is exposed to traumatic events daily. He turned to homebrewing as an escape and a way to explore his creative side. We’re honored to tell Mike’s story in our next Spike Spotlight. Click below for this must read! URL...
  10. SpikeBrewing

    Spike Spotlight: Allegheny River Brewery!

    Brandon and two co-brewers, aka Allegheny River Brewery, decided to get serious and create their own 3 vessel electric brewery with Spike kettles. The next thing they knew they were on TV! Click below to hear more about Brandon's story in the newest Spike Spotlight. URL...
  11. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro! Pressurized Fermentation!

    Pressurized fermentation. John Degroote, head brewer at New Barons Brewing Cooperative, provides background on this latest homebrewing trend you'll want to check out. Link to full article: https://spikebrewing.com/blogs/ask-a-pro/pressurized-fermentation Plus, be sure to check out the last...
  12. SpikeBrewing

    Introducing Spike Spotlight!

    We're putting YOU in the spotlight! We're excited to introduce our new series: The Spike Spotlight. We'll be highlighting Spike customers, their setups, stories and tips to help elevate your brew day! Our first Spotlight is Aaron from Vermont! You may have seen his mega BIAB setup before using...
  13. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro! Bitterness Additions!

    He gives such good brewing advice, we had him back to give more! Jeff Schauland, Roanoke Tasting Room Brewer at Deschutes Brewery, gives you his recommendations on the methods you should be using to add bitterness to your beer. Check out the full article below, then let us know what method you...
  14. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro! Brewing with Flowers and Herbs

    Have you tried adding supplementary ingredients such as herbs, spices, tea, flowers or fruits? Allan Cukier, head brewer at R&B Brewing Co. in Vancouver, Canada, shares his tried and perfected method to help add unique flavors and some extra character to your beer. Read the full article to see...
  15. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro! Dry hopping at the right temperatures

    Looking for a certain flavor in your beer? Blaze Ruud from YCH Hops gives his experience with dry hopping at different temperatures to get a beer that fits with the style and recipe you are looking for. Learn what temperature you should try to dry hop at in our latest Ask A Pro article! Link...
  16. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro! Yeast Harvesting.

    Looking to produce great beer, while having fun and saving some money along the way? Logan Hartpence of Lavery Brewing Company suggests harvesting your yeast. He gives you advice and the how-to’s in our latest Ask A Pro! Link to full article...
  17. SpikeBrewing

    Ask A Pro! Dry Hopping Tips

    It’s all about dry hopping. Check out the top three tips for getting the most of your dry hopping experience from Corey, head brewer at Gathering Place Brewing Company. Read the full article now! Link to full article: https://spikebrewing.com/blogs/ask-a-pro/dry-hopping-tips If you missed...
  18. SpikeBrewing

    Ask a Pro! Fermentation Process...

    Inventors Brewpub Founder and Header Brewer, Adam Draeger, talks to us about the complexity of the fermentation process, including a brief history of using yeast in the brewing process and some fermentation by-products to know! See everything Adam has to say in our newest Ask A Pro article...
  19. SpikeBrewing

    Ask a Pro - Gelatin Finings for Clear Beer

    Our next Ask A Pro features Jeremy Gobien, owner and brew master at Copper Kettle Brewing Company. Jeremy talks about how he uses gelatin to have perfectly clear beer without filtration, and without sacrificing the flavor! Read the full article, and how you can do the same, here! Link to...
  20. SpikeBrewing

    Yeast Starters - Learn from a Pro!

    In this edition of Ask a Pro Joe Yeado, Founder and President at Gathering Place Brewing Company, discusses yeast starters. Joe got his start homebrewing and placed multiple times in the Sam Adams Homebrew Competitions. Get his take on yeast starter kits and how you can use them to elevate your...