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  1. videoman

    When did you make the switch to AG?

    Bout 15 extract kits before I made the move... 20/20 hindsight, probably only need 5 or so extract brews to understand the process before moving on.
  2. videoman

    Does Anyone Have Experience with cPVC Collection Manifolds?

    Brewd00d is an outstanding vendor... I purchased the 60 quart system both HLT/MLT and have been extremely pleased. DONT MESS AROUND - BUY THE 60QT... you will want that capability someday. The only problem with using the PVC is slight bit of leakage.... the leakage comes from the rubber seals...
  3. videoman

    First Time...and to celebrate... again

    Good luck on your first brew and enjoy..... ... and thank you lucky stars the Wings didn't do to the Stanley Cup what was done to the Memorial Cup... CHL Championship Trophy.... eeekkk gaaadds.
  4. videoman

    First All Grain! Woohoo

    Yes, congratulations! Tis a great feeling after your first successful AG brew... even better when you sample the results!! Make sure you let us know how that honey brown worked out. 2lb of honey at flameout is very interesting... sounds like something I'd love to try.
  5. videoman

    Aging of Imperial Stout

    Agree with Jagg... with the high OG beers, they seem to ferment on a similar schedule as lower OG ales, but the taste profile takes alot longer to mature. I did a Scottish Wee Heavy that was drinkable after 8 weeks in the bottle, was perfect at 12. Time in a bottle (hmmmm catchy phrase; maybe...
  6. videoman

    All grain equipment question

    +1 on mashing in a cooler system... economical, works great, cleans up well... I purchased my system from www.brewd00d.com and I highly recommend this man. I purchased his biggest system, the 60 quart, purchased a mash and lauter tun, and paid around $185 INCLUDING shipping to Maine. Then...
  7. videoman

    Joining the dark side... made a MLT and going all grain

    Best of luck with your brewing endeavors... your going for the gusto... I take it you must have some frame of reference that required you to put down a 68% efficiency rating... hopefully you'll do better than that... how are you crushing your grain? The recipe looks very tasty... I just...
  8. videoman

    Infusion questions

    Definately search the site for decoction... this has been talked about before. I believe there are very few occasions that a decoction is "required". Many folks are migrating to the single infusion. So far, personally, I've only done single infusion... and certainly have successfully...
  9. videoman

    more body???

    Naw... it's just your gravity readings are odd... FG should be alot smaller than your OG... according to the numbers you typed, your gravity increased during the fermintation process... not decreased by the yeast. Thats all... definately try again... the second time will be easier than the...
  10. videoman

    My First AG batch was a Success

    Beersmith definately ROCKS!! Congrats on your first AG... certainly is a great feeling of accomplishment completing the first one, only gets better DRINKING the first one!
  11. videoman

    Just finished my first AG brew

    Congrats.... bet it wasn't as bad as you thought it might be. I helped teach a class on AG at my LHBS this afternoon. It's alot of fun to see folks who, having digested tons of info, thought it was going to be rocket science but, after seeing the procedures, said... hey, I can definately do...
  12. videoman

    so call me stupid!!

    For me, part of brewing is sharing with friends and having good experiences... bravo to you sir, sounds like a great trip....
  13. videoman

    AG Success!!

    I've been able to drink everything I've brewed thus far, thank goodness, but some of it was less than perfect that is for sure. My first AG was one of those sub standard efforts but consider all the different things you have to pay attention to. It's no wonder. At this point I'm not sure how...
  14. videoman

    barley crusher or ? what mill should i buy...

    The first mill I purchased was the Corona. It definately takes some trial and error, but you can get a decent crush. I've had brews into the 87% eff. range with the Corona. But it is imperfect, no doubt... but for $50, you can do business with it. Recently I purchased a Barley Crusher. I'm...
  15. videoman

    first all grain, what a cluster %#@!

    Absolutely normal, check your pulse, breath deeply.... you've lived through the hardest one!!! Man did I ever stress over the first AG batch, but (to me) it's easy to catch onto... the second batch will be MUCH easier for ya.
  16. videoman

    AG or Partial?

    Go AG... really no sense going to PM... AG does require more time than extract, but it is worth it.
  17. videoman

    Completed first all grain over the weekend

    LOL... that is GREAT!!!! I'm still laughing my a$$ off!! I like to have a brew while I brew... almost seems inspirational to me... but too many brews would certainly muck up my brain functions... don't need any help with that.
  18. videoman


    vfinch, I gotta tell ya... I've been using Irish Moss for quite a while now and, if I were to testify in a court of law... I'd have to say it makes little difference in the clarity of my beer. If I did not use gelatin, I'd have cloudy beer. Recommended dosage of Irish Moss is .5 tsp/ 5 gal...
  19. videoman

    Best AG Brewing Podcast?

    Gabe, the manager at my LHBS, got the silly idea to start his own podcast... you can check it out if you dare... he mixes a little anti-establishment rant in between lessons, but doesn't beat you over the head with it. Very knowledgable guy! http://kennebechomebrewsupply.podbean.com/
  20. videoman

    My first AG

    Personally, I went from Extract strait to AG... after doing about 15 Extract kits. To me AG is 'easy to learn, hard to win'. There is enough info on this board and in publications to prepare yourself for an AG batch, and it's not that difficult to achieve initial success. The 'hard to win'...