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  1. 100amps

    Seeds this year

    Hey all, just thought I'd get your thoughts on this: My Zeus plant and one of my Cascade plants have produced seeds this year. The Zeus plant is loaded with them, the Cascade only has a few seed clusters. I've been growing hops (4 plants) for 6 years here and I've never seen seeds clusters...
  2. 100amps

    Auto syphon aerating my beer :-(

    Has anyone else had this problem where the auto syphon starts sucking air in through the pump plunger while racking? It injects a steady stream of bubbles into the cane. Perfect aeration - if that's what I was after. I can stop it but it starts again immediately. Nooooo!!! Its freakin'...
  3. 100amps

    Late hop addition tweaking

    I recently tried using late hop additions -only- in a batch of pale ale. Nothing before 20 minutes. I don't recall the exact additions or times, but I ended up with pretty much 'hop juice'. I wasn't expecting so much juiciness, what I wanted was much more of that late boil addition aroma, which...