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  1. beerlover77

    Dry yeast for German pilsner?

    What steve said
  2. beerlover77

    Canadian Roll Call!!

    Welcome... also from Vancouver Island
  3. beerlover77

    Which saison yeast?

    3711 is diastaticus but careful cleaning and santization seems to keep it from spreading to other beers 3711 goes down to 1.00sg often for me
  4. beerlover77

    Which saison yeast?

    WLP585 Belgian Saison III is amazing but not in production. I currently have a self made blend with Saison III and 3711 and love it!
  5. beerlover77

    Which saison yeast?

    3711 is great but with any saison you have to ferment warm to get the best of those flavours. I start at 72f and raise to 86f throughout ferment with that yeast. I thought belle saison was kinda a dry equivelent?
  6. beerlover77

    What did you brew today?

    Old thread I know.. Brewed: Stumbling Distance IPA, a colab with a neighbour 24hrs after pitching Hornindal Kveik my fermentor almost blew up. Good thing I was using a giant blowoff tube:ban:
  7. beerlover77

    Oxiclean...two years and no infections

    You are supposed to add cold water in to the container you are filling and THEN add the StarSan mixing gently. If you pour water on star san it will foam like a mother [email protected]#$ Oxyclean foams alot when I add hot tap water. I wait for the foam to subside and then fill to the top with more hot water
  8. beerlover77

    Oxiclean...two years and no infections

    You can find oxyclean free at Walmart... At least in Canada
  9. beerlover77

    Oxiclean...two years and no infections

    I agree that a lot of folks seem to think there is only one way to do things which is bogus. I don't think anyone should be telling you that you HAVE to use certain methods as there are different ways to accomplish everything safely and effectively. Officially Oxyclean is considered a cleaner...
  10. beerlover77

    Hazy IPA vs. NEIPA

    I guess they can be different, here is an excerpt from one article supposedly quoting the new style guideline: Juicy or Hazy Ale Styles: The addition of this trio of styles include representation of what may be referred to as New England IPAs or West Coast Hazy IPAs. The styles will be...
  11. beerlover77

    Hazy IPA vs. NEIPA

    I think the term 'hazy IPA' is just really another name for NEIPA. The hazyness comes from lots of hops in the whirlpool and dryhop
  12. beerlover77

    Leaking Liquid Keg Post

    The universal ones work well for my old ball lock kegs
  13. beerlover77

    Leaking Liquid Keg Post

    Try some keg lube and tighten the post down good. If that doesn't work, Change the poppet. Happens to me often.
  14. beerlover77

    How Many Gallons of Homebrew in 2018?

    g Good point, this is a 2019 beer
  15. beerlover77

    How Many Gallons of Homebrew in 2018?

    15791.5 gallons + 5gal of Tropical Brut IPA =15796.1 gallons
  16. beerlover77

    Harvested Yeast - Should it look like this?

    Flasks have a flat bottom perfect for a stirplate and a narrow top, easy to foil over. All the one gallon fermentors I own have a punted bottom which makes it impossible to keep a stir bar spinning
  17. beerlover77

    I’m tired of making grassy gross IPA’s.

    Had only one American Pale ale I made taste grassy and it was from Old Cascade hops Centennial is a great hop but try mixing it with: Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy, El Dorodo, or other fruity/citrussy hops. I suggest moving most the hops to late in the boil/flameout and add more dry hops Here is an...
  18. beerlover77

    Forgot an ingredient

    You should be able to add the honey to the fermentor right now